Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

October 2010


What gorgeous weather we had for our 35th annual Florida State Camp-O-ree! Held at the NASCAR RV Resorts at Blueberry Hill in Bushnell, FL, we had 10 couples attending, along with our caller Ron Reardon and cuers Pete and Jan Shankle.
The theme for the event was 'Mardi Gras'. Costume night was Thursday during the evening's Trail-In dance. The hall was packed with dancers wearing beautiful costumes and many intriguing masks! For the 3rd year in a row, our Chapter hosted the ice cream social after the dance. The entire evening was a huge success!
Friday morning several campers participated in the sports activities. Very early Saturday morning 24 individuals left to participate in the golf tournament. Congrats to our member George, who golfed with the winning foursome! The sports activities were chaired by our chapter.
Square dance and round dance workshops were presented both Friday and Saturday afternoon - the turnouts for both were phenomenal!
Many thanks to our members, Eileen, Dot and Bill, and Al, for dolling up and strutting in the fashion show held at noon Saturday.
Last month I wrote about our 'adopted Marine' - we planned to collect donations and fill boxes to send to him and his men. Saturday afternoon, with money donated, several of our members went shopping, returned with bags galore and with the help of many more members we were able to fill 8 boxes. Thanks to Sandy, George, Laureen and Joyce who did the shopping and also to all the other members who worked so well together, completing the project in record time. Packages were on their way by Monday afternoon!  
Most couples wore their orange and white Florida state outfits to Friday's dance; then on Saturday, we gathered for the grand march in our chapter outfits. The hall was filled to capacity both nights with dancers having a great time socializing and dancing.
To top off a great weekend, the campground personnel of NASCAR invited the campers to breakfast Sunday morning. It was another wonderful time to relax and socialize before heading home.
Please note - nominations for our slate of Officers for 2011 were presented during our General meeting in September. They are: President: Phil and Deanna Sortore; Vice President: Jim and Laureen Kelly; Secretary: Tom and Jeanne Hartwig; Treasurer: Tom and Eivor Brown. Elections will be held at our November 12/13 campout at Sanlan Ranch in Lakeland. We will be welcoming Sharon Short as our guest caller.

Jeanne Hartwig,

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