Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

November 2010


Our November campout came a little early this month. We had 16 member couples along with 5 guest couples meet together at Sanlan Ranch in Lakeland, FL during the second weekend, November 12th to 14th. Actually, 8 couples arrived early to enjoy the weekend on Thursday, Veteran's Day. So, when it came time for dinner, we had 16 hungry people looking for a place to eat on that holiday. Our Vice-President Jim made calls to several restaurants before finding one that could accommodate us. We all had a grand time eating together at Beef O'Brady's where our veterans were given a free drink.

Our guest caller for this campout was Sharon Short from Tampa, FL. We all enjoyed meeting her and Ken. It was great fun dancing to Sharon. She has such an upbeat personality that reflects in her calling. Sharon has a wonderful singing voice and we enjoyed her singing calls.

Ron Reardon, who is now our club caller, was in attendance both nights along with his wife Sue and Grandson, Aaron. Ron called a tip or two and did some calling with Sharon. We had a lot of whooping and hollering with 4 squares on the floor at times. And, of course, we were very happy to see Jan and Pete Shankle on Saturday night, doing rounds.

We had three guest couples dancing with us both nights and on Saturday night, one couple, friends of Tom and Eivor, spent the evening watching us and our antics.

I would be remiss to not mention our Friday night dinner. Our new members, Al and Mary Teschner, provided us with 'Chicago' hot dogs. What a delightful combination between the buns: mustard, relish, onions, pickle, hot dog, tomato, hot peppers and...a dash of celery salt! Unique taste and very delicious! We had 37 people gobbling up those dogs!

And then, on Saturday morning we had a scrumptious breakfast prepared by our President Phil and Vice-President Jim, along with help and donations from other members. Thanks to all.

Our activities chairpersons, George and Sandy, announced the 8 boxes we sent to Afghanistan to our 'adopted Marine' and his men arrived safely all at the same time and they were very surprised and grateful.

Our Officers for 2011 were announced during our General Meeting: President, Phil/Deanna Sortore; Vice-President, Jim/Laureen Kelly; Secretary, Tom/Jeanne Hartwig; Treasurer, Tom/Eivor Brown. It was also announced we have new Chapter Reps: Eddie/Joyce Julian.

Our campout locations are all set for the new year - we all are looking forward to terrific square dance/camping experiences! We would love to have you visit with us...you do not need to camp to come dance...check us out at our website:


Jeanne Hartwig,

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