Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

March 2010


Our Chapter camped together at Olde Mill Stream, Umatilla, FL during the third weekend of March. Hosts/ Hostesses were Dave/Kaye Benne, and Ace/Ann Taylor, with the aid of Bob/Terry Danza, and Tom/Eivor Brown.

Their theme for Saturday afternoon was: "Go 4 Broke" when they opened a 'casino' in the dance hall - for a few hours our members had a grand time playing different casino games. We all received an equal amount of chips and at the end of playing, we turned in the chips to see how we did. Prizes were given for the top 10 'winners' with the most chips. During the course of playing, our hostesses (dressed in white blouses and black pants with bunny tails!) passed out sodas and pop corn! It was a fun way to spend a cold, windy Saturday afternoon.

We were very pleased to have a guest cuer Friday night. Kim Hamilton from Canada did some early rounds and cued throughout the evening dance. Our thanks to him!

Saturday night's dance may have set a record for us - we had 10 Chapters represented from around the country and Canada: Chapters 007(MI), 018(FL), 050(IL), 058(NY), 082(FL), C112(ON), 139(FL), 143(FL), 165(PA), and C175(ON)...with 7 squares dancing on the floor during one tip! Bob Wilcox from Chapter 050 entertained us when our caller Charlie Pergrossi invited him to call a tip. We were fortunate to be able to dance in the big hall Saturday night and very pleased to have the campground furnish us with coffee and cookies.

With Charlie Pergrossi's fun calling, along with Pete and Jan Shankle cueing, we once again had a most memorable weekend for Hitch 'n Go!

Jeanne Hartwig,

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