Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

June 2010


Sanlan Ranch, Lakeland, FL
June 28, 2010

Our Chapter does not meet during the summer months of June or August to square dance. In July square dancers come together from around the country and Canada for the NSDCA International Camporee, being held in Orlando, FL this year. However, social get-togethers for June and August are usually planned. We had 8 couples camping together during the 3rd weekend of June at Jetty Park, Cape Canaveral.

Our weather was absolutely gorgeous, not a drop of rain the entire time of our stay, although we could hear thunder/see lightning way off in the distance a few times. It was hot, but isn't that the way it is supposed to be at the beach? The ocean breezes added some comfort.

We had no distinct plans, we all did our own thing - sometimes as a group - going to/walking on the beach, eating together, playing cards (Hand & Foot!), watching a DVD (Shutter Island!), etc.

Thanks to Phil Sortore for cooking up delicious sausage sandwiches for one lunch; thanks to Sharon Cormier for serving up delicious waffles/strawberries and an egg casserole for one breakfast - all the women asked her for the recipe! Popsicles plus ice cream and blueberry desserts were also shared (thanks Tom Hartwig, Eddie Julian and Eivor Brown). Thanks also to Sharon and Eddie for their grocery runs!

Two couples did go square dancing on Saturday night, the Browns and Cormiers had a grand time dancing to John Swindle.

Other June traveling reports from our Hitch 'n Go couples - the Kellys had a good time visiting with one of our couples who now reside in Charlotte, NC and the Rileys reported having a wonderful time in TN.

Jeanne Hartwig,

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