Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

January 2010


According to our records, Hitch-N-Go membership now stands at 24 couples and one single. That is a wonderful number for a camping/square dancing group. We had 19 of those couples arriving throughout the 4th weekend of January for our campout at Olde Mill Stream in Umatilla, FL. It was a very busy time for us all.

The weekend was hosted by the 2009 board members, all of whom will be serving in their respective positions for 2010. Our president, Phil Sortore, commented he has always wanted to prepare a London broil dinner for the chapter, and this weekend he had his chance. The officers provided the potluck dinner on Saturday night. Along with Phil's fantastic London broil, we had baked white/sweet potatoes, salad, rolls and a beautifully decorated cake commemorating our 36th Anniversary as an NSDCA Chapter. The officers did a wonderful job preparing and serving the meal and thanks go out to all the members who helped them in so many ways.

Friday afternoon and Saturday morning were our very busy times. Friday, we gathered to set up for our Chinese auction, regular auction and bake sale. Our members donated items and bake goods. Thanks to everyone for their support and donations. Saturday morning the sales and auctions began. Special thanks to Jim Kelly for conducting the auction along with Dick Fournier and George Oakes - they did a fantastic job!

We had several square dancers from the campground join us for our Saturday evening dance - it is always nice to visit with, and dance with them. The Friday and Saturday night dancing was fun-filled as always with our caller, Charlie Pergrossi and cuers, Jan and Pete  Shankle.

We all give a big yellow-rock and thank you to our member, Sharon Cormier, for volunteering and doing a wonderful job putting together a beautiful Hitch-N-Go directory for all the members. Not only do the directories have everything you would want to know about our Chapter, but she had personalized each one with a couple's name on the front cover. Nice size, too, for easy handling!

Jeanne Hartwig,

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