Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

August 2010


During August our Chapter did not meet to camp and dance. However, we all kept fairly active. Several members traveled to clubs in the local areas to dance; Orlando, Daytona Beach, the east coast of Florida, to mention a few. We have members who spent the summer in the Carolina mountains and danced there quite frequently. Couples who passed through on their camping trips stopped to visit and dance with them.
Reports have come in from several couples who spent August traveling with their motorhomes/trailers to the New England area, the Midwest, the West, and other areas for family and class reunions or just to visit relatives, friends and the sights of our great country.
Seven couples spent several days camping together at Disney's Ft. Wilderness Resort & Campground as the final days of August were upon us. Several children and grandchildren joined in the fun. Wonderful weather, fun at some of the parks and attractions -(next time you see Sandy, ask her about the 'Tower of Terror'!), good food and the time spent with our family of 082 members made for a grand time.
Our dancing/camping schedule resumed in September.
Our caller, Charlie Pergrossi, informed us in August he would be resigning as our caller due to an unrelated square dance business opportunity. Good luck and best wishes to him and Sarah in the months to come.

Jeanne Hartwig,

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