Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

October 2009


Blueberry Hill Campground in Bushnell, FL was the sight of our 34th annual Florida State Camp-O-Ree. Nineteen couples and one single from 082 attended. The theme for the event was 'Pirates'.

The fun began Thursday, October 22nd, when the campers gathered for the evening's Trail-In dance dressed in their pirate costumes. The participation of our 082 members was amazing - everyone looked terrific. In fact, we had some members who were so well disguised, some of us didn't recognize them at first! After the fast-paced dancing with several Florida callers, along with a visiting caller from Louisiana, our chapter hosted the ice cream social. The entire evening was a super success!
Many campers participated in the sport activity, bocce ball, on Friday morning. Saturday morning was the golf tournament. Our chapter had winners in both events.
On Friday and Saturday afternoon, there were huge turnouts for both the square dance and round dance workshops, each one a fun, learning experience. 
Friday's dance found most of us wearing our orange and white Florida state outfits, Saturday we gathered for the grand march in our chapter outfits. Both nights, the hall was filled to capacity with dancers, everyone having a great time dancing and socializing.
Chapter 082 had a grand time at Saturday's luncheon/fashion show, where we appeared in our pirate costumes, marching among the guests handing out and throwing beads. Special thanks to our couple who modeled our chapter outfit during the show.
Hitch 'N Go once again came away with the trophy for the highest percentage of members in a chapter attending the Camp-O-Ree. 
Our grand finale for the weekend was the superb breakfast put on for us by our president and vice-president Sunday morning.

Jeanne Hartwig,

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