Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

November 2009


What an awesome time we had during the third weekend of November! Our camping group, 19 rigs strong, traveled to Lakeland to spend time at Sanlan Ranch where we had a very special event.

Our host and hostess for the weekend, George and Sandy Oakes, had told us months ago they wanted to celebrate a 'First Thanksgiving' and had asked all members to come in costumes as Pilgrims or Indians for our pot-luck and Saturday dance. What an interesting array of costumes, with Indians outnumbering Pilgrims! The pot-luck was a banquet with all the holiday favorites of our members.

During the dance, prizes were given out with winners in several categories.

Back-tracking to earlier Saturday - after our pancake breakfast and once the board meeting was over - it was time to meet for the turkey shoot! We had nearly full member participation with several more prizes given out. 

Our two evenings of dancing were well attended and super fun with our caller, Charlie Pergrossi and cuers Pete and Jan Shankle.

Sandy and George would like to thank everyone for all the help they received from everyone: setting up, decorating, carving, breakfast, the games, etc. It really was a group effort. They are still amazed and thrilled, they feel all they had to do was the planning. They want all to know what a great group 082 is!

Our entire Chapter appreciates everything our host and hostess did to make our weekend so awesome. It was a lot of work for them, but this is what they wanted to do and they really did enjoy doing it all. There was so much more to the weekend than any of us could have imagined! I'm sure we all will be talking about it for a long time.    

Jeanne Hartwig,

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