Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

July 2009


Five 082 couples ventured to Rayne, LA in July for their NSDCA International Camporee 2009. Sortores, Rileys, Pergrossis, Oakes and Hartwigs all enjoyed their visit.

The Sunday night dance before the Camporee with Wade Driver was very entertaining, we all enjoyed his interesting calling. There were five other callers from various locations for the following evenings, including our very own Charlie Pergrossi. Charlie gave us a fun time, also. Enjoyed doing that Congo line, Charlie!

The following days were filled with dancing, workshops, tours and other  sightseeing, crafts, and more, along with different games to play. Congratulations to George and Phil who came away with game prizes.

One fun aspect of the week: we could take part in a scavenger hunt. First, to explain: Rayne, LA is the Frog Capital of the World. So, we were given a sheet explaining there were 14 buildings in the town with frog murals painted on them; our job was to locate the buildings and match them up with the murals on the sheet. I believe 35 couples took part. All sheets were correct. So, they drew one name to win the grand prize and the other couples received a prize also!

One evening several couples went on a tour to a Crawfish/Rice Farm and miniature John Deere tractor museum and enjoyed some Cajun food while there.

All in all, everyone came away with wonderful memories of Louisiana and the excellent time we had while there.

Several other 082 couples spent a quiet but enjoyable few days at Florida Camp Inn in Davenport, FL the fourth weekend of July.

Jeanne Hartwig,

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