Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

February 2009


On Thursday, February 19th, five member couples and one guest couple set up camp at Floridian RV Resort in St. Cloud to begin our square dance camping weekend. I tried to keep it hush-hush but too many knew it was my birthday so several of us celebrated by going out to dinner where I was treated to my favorite food - the most delicious ice cream sundae ever.

From mid-morning Friday to late in the afternoon, the rest of our group continued to arrive. We ended up having a total of thirteen member couples along with four guest couples. One couple became members over the weekend (welcome, Bill and Dot!), one couple winters here from New York, another, neighbors of the Hartwigs and the fourth couple were relatives of our Caller, Charlie Pergrossi - Charlie's brother and his wife.
Four of our men went golfing Friday afternoon. Upon their return, they stopped at the nearby pizza shop to pick up the ordered pies and brought them to the hall where the rest of us were waiting with the salads prepared by several of the women.
Wasn't too long after that we were ready for dancing. Charlie again provided taped rounds throughout the night. He called a fun-filled program including something new - he taught us how to do 'Cotton Eyed Joe' and then had us dancing that in a singing call! What fun!
Dale and Bobbie Collins were our Host/Hostess for the weekend. They always do a stellar job. When we arrived for our pot-luck dinner on Saturday we found the tables beautifully decorated so very festively!
Saturday was a big day for our new President and his wife - Phil and Deanna Sortore were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. During announcements we surprised them with a beautiful cake and card and many many best wishes. Thanks to our past Presidents, Dick and Nancy Fournier for ordering, picking up and cutting the delicious cake!
We missed Pete and Jan Shankle, our cuers, Pete being under the weather. We hope to see them next campout with Pete fully recovered. Thanks, Charlie, for providing rounds Saturday, also.
Usually we head home sometime Sunday morning, which many did. Six couples, including Charlie and his lovely wife Sarah, remained to help put on a square dance demo at the Floridian RV Resort for Cub Scout Pack 727 of which Dick and Nancy's grandson Zachary is a member. Charlie had the square dance couples do a tip and singing call - then invited the Scouts and their families to come out on the floor to do some dancing. The floor was packed full with enthusiastic folks. Everyone had great fun! Thanks to Charlie, Sarah, and the demo couples for their support!

Jeanne Hartwig,

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