Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

December 2009


OK, who opened the freezer door and blew all the cold air into Florida over the New Year's January weekend? Well, like boy scouts, Hitch 'n Go campers came prepared to Olde Mill Stream in Umatilla, FL with rainwear, umbrellas and many layers of outerwear! None of the weather patterns deterred 082 members from having a fabulous time socializing and dancing away the old year and welcoming in 2010!

We had 16 member couples along with 2 guest couples, our caller, Charlie Pergrossi and his lovely wife, Sarah, meeting together to celebrate and bring in the New Year on New Year's Eve. The evening was a huge success with a wide assortment of snacks, some line dancing and plenty of yellow rocks given at midnight! I personally enjoyed the background music throughout most of the night - thanks to our folks who brought and played a complete set of Neil Diamond songs!

Our cuers, Jan and Pete Shankle, arrived in time for our Saturday potluck dinner. During the general meeting, Hitch 'n Go honored the Shankles with an honorary lifetime membership to our Chapter, along with a standing ovation for their dedication to us. We also presented members Joyce and Eddie Julian with a beautiful card and cake in honor of their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Sincere thanks to Jim and Phil for always being willing to prepare several meals throughout the weekend and to all members who are there to lend a hand with whatever needs doing.

In November we had election of officers who will be installed at our January campout. They are: Phil/Deanna Sortore, President; Jim/Laureen Kelly, Vice President; Tom/Jeanne Hartwig, Secretary; Tom/Eivor Brown, Treasurer.


Jeanne Hartwig,

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