Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

November 2008


Once again, we had a perfect weekend for our November square dance/camping outing. Due to turkey day we held our get-together during the 2nd full weekend, November 14th and 15th. We met at Sanlan Ranch in Lakeland, FL where we had a record number of rigs arrive on Thursday, November 13th! Eight couples set up camp that day. That indicates those of us who can do so, can't wait to gather together and get the fun started!

On Friday, by late afternoon, we had a total of 14 rigs set up. A plan was devised to ask all to go out to Pizza Hut for dinner. We ended up with 9 couples, 4 vehicles going. Our server was great, the food excellent and the laughter and friendships priceless!

We returned to camp in time for the casual dance - our caller, Charlie Pergrossi and his wife, Sarah, ate with us, so the dance couldn't start without them! Our previous caller, Ron Reardon and his wife, Sue, came and joined us for the dancing fun.

After our pancake breakfast Saturday morning, prepared by our hosts Ace Taylor and Dave Benne, several of the fellows went golfing, while others went bike riding and/or played games. Thanks to Ace and Ann Taylor for introducing a game new to most of us - we sure enjoyed playing it, as could be heard with the moans, groans, yeahs and laughter!

Saturday's potluck seemed to break a record also with the abundance and variety of food served, all delicious, thanks to our culinary experts! Our cuers, Jan and Pete Shankle, along with son Dennis, arrived in time for dinner. The Shankles cued and Charlie called a fun-filled evening of dances.

Sometimes, we even get serious - we have board meetings and member meetings. At our General Meeting after our potluck, we had elections for 2009 Officers. Our new board, to be installed at our January campout, are: President, Phil/Deanna Sortore; Vice President, Jim/Laureen Kelly; Secretary, Tom/Jeanne Hartwig; Treasurer, Tom/Eivor Brown.  And this month we had a special meeting for our members who will be camping together over New Year's Eve and through that weekend at Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont. Although it is a social gathering, no square dancing, we have made up an itinerary which was receptive to all going, which will make for another carefree camping experience.

Thank you to our hosts and hostesses for the weekend, Ace/Ann Taylor and Dave/Kaye Benne.  Superb job!


Hitch 'N Go welcomes our newest members, Richard and Trudy Pusl, who joined our Chapter over the weekend.

Jeanne Hartwig,

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