Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

May 2008


Our Chapter's third weekend of May outing took place at Sanlan Ranch in Lakeland. Tom/Jeanne Hartwig and Lee/Joyce Whitten were hosts/hostesses. We had eleven couples camping.
The weather was beautiful with just a slight downpour on Saturday afternoon, of course while some of the men were golfing. We were fortunate to have the large hall in which to enjoy all our activities. Friday night found us there enjoying Charlie Pergrossi's calling and he also served up some round dancing music.
Saturday morning's breakfast was continental with muffins, danish and fruit cocktail. Plan A was for us to use the hall - we almost had to go to Plan B (eating outside) when we discovered the doors still locked and no one around to unlock them! Our hero of the day, Tom Hartwig, checked all the windows, found one unlocked and crawled through! Good thing, since all our supplies were in the building!
On Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed a brief visit with our former caller and his wife, Ron and Sue Reardon along with their grandson, Aaron. Charlie once again conducted a workshop on Saturday afternoon infusing us with his square dancing wisdom.
Jan and Pete Shankle were in great form cueing rounds for us on Saturday night. We had guests stop by: Don and Ann Slocum along with Penny Green and her daughter.
We had a surprise waiting for two of our couples, Lee/Joyce Whitten and Bill/Jeanette Riley - both couples celebrating 50th Wedding Anniversaries in June - we presented them with a cake that was not only lovely with gold roses, ribbons and tiny white wedding bells, but also very tasty.
A big thank-you to George and Sandy Oakes for loaning us their 3 foot Uncle Sam for displaying at the dance. An extra huge thank-you to everyone of our chapter members for their help and support in all their many ways to make this another successful 082 square dance/camping get-together.
June, July, August will find us camping socially with no dancing but surely there will be news to report nonetheless; then we will be back to square/round dancing once again the 4th weekend of September where you can visit and dance with us at Floridian RV Resort in St. Cloud, FL. 

Jeanne Hartwig,

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