Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

March 2008


Wow, here it is March 31st!.....need to get my article written! We just returned from our 4th weekend of March campout at Olde Mill Stream Campground in Umatilla, FL. What a pleasant (my word of the month!) weekend it was for our members in several ways.
Several days before we left for the weekend, I received a phone call from a very pleasant woman who told me she, Diane, and her husband, Henry, who live near Umatilla, had just completed plus classes. They heard we were dancing at Olde Mill Stream and they wanted all our information so they could dance with us. Of course I was happy to oblige and sure enough they did come Friday night, danced with us and we all had a very pleasant time. They liked us so much they came back to join in the Saturday afternoon workshop held by our caller, Charlie Pergrossi. Diane had told me they have a motor home but didn't plan on joining any chapter too soon as they were planning to do some traveling first. So, I was very pleasantly surprised when soon after they arrived for Saturday's evening dance, Diane approached me and said, 'If you all will have us, we would like to join your club!' What a pleasant surprise! What a tribute to all our friendly chapter members who made Diane and Henry feel so welcome! 
Our thanks to Charlie and his wife Sarah for the very helpful suggestions and hints we picked up from them during the square dance workshop - we appreciate the time they spent helping us smooth out some of our rusty spots!
The weather was very pleasant for the weekend, so we were able to engage in outdoor activities - walking, biking, game playing, etc. - but had access to the beautiful hall for our meals and dancing activities. 
Speaking of meals, what a pleasant surprise when our hosts and hostesses for the month, Phil/Deanna Sortore and Lee/Joyce Whitten, prepared for us french toast for Saturday's breakfast get-together. Another very pleasant couple, Art and Lucy Mastellar, who are square dancers and reside part time at Umatilla (very good friends of Sortores), provided us with at least a half gallon of maple syrup from Lucy's brother's maple farm in New York State. Talk about a pleasant taste! Then, Art and Lucy donated 3 small containers of maple syrup which were raffled off at Saturday's dance. Thanks, Art and Lucy!
Forward now to our Saturday evening dance. We were so happy to see Jan and Pete arrive for the potluck and dance because there was a pleasant surprise awaiting them. Their 65th Wedding Anniversary is April 4th. Our membership presented them with a cake and a standing ovation that lasted a long time! I would say from their expressions Jan and Pete were more than very pleasantly surprised!
As I understand it, we have more pleasant surprises awaiting us at our April campout at Theme World and our May outing at Sanlan Ranch - come join us!

Jeanne Hartwig,

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