Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

February 2008


Our February campout during the 4th weekend was very pleasant indeed. We had 14 member couples join us for our fun-filled activities along with 2 couples from Chapter 080. We met at the Floridian RV Resort in St. Cloud.  During both of our dances - Friday's casual night and Saturday's regular dance, we had guest square dancers plus several guests from the campgrounds that came by to watch our fun.  At one point during Friday's dance, our caller, Charlie Pergrossi, announced the next tip would be for everyone, including all who knew nothing about square dancing. We all were very pleased to see so many of our guests (we had 3 squares!) squaring up with us, it was very easy to see how all of them totally enjoyed joining in.
Quite a number of our members also met our caller's lovely, vivacious wife, Sarah for the first time. She was familiar to several of us having met her at our Florida State Camporee last October.  She had a grand time during the weekend capturing many of us on camera! The Pergrossi's are the Chairpersons for our 2008 Florida State Camporee at Blueberry Hill in Bushnell to be held in October - Sarah put together a beautiful display which she set out both evenings showing photos from our previous Camporee and information for 2008's Camporee.
Friday evening's after party was spent sitting around Jim and Laureen Kelly's fire pit - Jim told us he had taken apart his deck to provide us with wood! Thanks, Jim! Maybe February was the last month to sit around the fire not only for socializing, but to also keep warm? Let's hope our weekends finally start to warm up to where we can enjoy the campfires.....and the weekend activities....without outerwear!
Host and Hostess for the weekend were Louie and Charlotte Steadman - with plenty of help from many of our members - thanks to everyone for always being there when needed. Special thanks to Jim and Phil for serving up pancakes at breakfast Saturday. The rumor mill has it we will be served up French toast at our March gathering!  
Our dedicated cuers, Jan and Pete Shankle, arrived in time for our potluck and meeting on Saturday afternoon. They always do a terrific job cueing, getting a few more couples out on the floor when they cue dances for our beginners....thanks Jan and Pete!

Jeanne Hartwig,

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