Hitch 'N' Go  #082
Kissimmee, FL

April 2008


Our members and guests had a fabulous time camping and dancing during the 4th weekend of April at Theme World in Davenport, FL. We had 12 member couples and 4 guests attending. One guest couple was from the Allemanders and the other guests were very good friends of our activities chairpersons, Jim and Laureen Kelly.
The weekend was hosted by George and Sandy Oakes, along with helpers Dale and Bobbie Collins. They always give us a weekend to remember! Friday night's after-party was such an event - they had an ice-cream social for us, setting out an array of wonderful and delicious toppings for the ice cream. Also thanks to Sarah Pergrossi, our caller's wife, who provided a scumptious cake to celebrate our April birthday celebrants, of which Sarah was one; as was George Oakes and our President Nancy Fournier and our Cuer, Jan Shankle!  Our Saturday morning breakfast was another occasion where the danish and muffins hit the spot! Thank you, hosts and hostesses! 
Our early arrivals on Thursday were treated in the evening to watching a video on the Kelly's outdoor flat TV screen. On both Friday and Saturday, some of our men went golfing.
Both our Friday and Saturday dances were high-level fun and enjoyment. And you know, they were also filled with high-level laughter! Thanks to Charlie Pergrossi for having a workshop on Saturday afternoon. Those of us who attended came away with some new insights regarding our dancing techniques. I want to end with a personal thank you to Charlie for honoring my request to add a new singing call to his record repertoire. You did a great job, Charlie, it was some Beautiful Noise!

Jeanne Hartwig,

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