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The Florida Square & Round Dance Hall of Fame

Resume Outline

Nominee Name(s) _____________________________________________________________
Full Address _________________________________________________________________
City __________________________________ St. _________________________________
Area Code/Phone Number _________________ e-mail address _________________________
Year began dancing ___________________________________________________________
What Dance Club(s) do they belong _______________________________________________
Club Office(s) Held & Dates _____________________________________________________
Member of which State Association(s):
Florida Callers Association: ____________________________
Round Dance Council of Florida:________________________
Florida Federation of Square Dancers: ___________________

Northeast: ____________________
Northwest: ___________________
West Coast: __________________
Central: ______________________
Southeast: ____________________
Office(s) Held & Dates: _________________________________________________________
Please explain what this Nominee(s) has done using this format:

Who - Names
What - They did (can be in resume form or story form)
When - Dates (if exact date not avail please give year)
Where - Area(s) of the State

Please give as much information as possible, the more the better. Talk to friends, callers, cuers, fellow board members, dancers that have left the activity, etc. for information. You’ll be surprised how many people will work with you to prepare the nomination resume.

By using the above method you may have several, WHO, WHAT, WHEN & WHERE to cover all that the nominee has done in their dancing career. They may have been involved with several aspects of the activity. If there is not enough space on this form, attach additional information on a regular sheet of paper and send in with the resume outline.

For additional information contact any Hall of Fame board member.

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