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May 2017

Gypsy Squares #168168 & Square Wheels #128

What a beautiful weekend at Williston RV Resort!  We had a much needed down pour on Friday while the campers were pulling in and setting up.  Some of us were already soaking wet from playing with our supper soakers. We were the unofficial greeters or the most unwelcome greeters, depending on what side of the squirt gun you found yourself on.
Friday:  There were 40 of us at dinner at the Ivy House.  They do serve the best fried shrimp and chicken dinners.  The Dance hall was decorated with pink table covers. and each table had an Eifel tower center piece.  The stage had a Can-Can dancer on each side. That was the Ooh La La.   All the ladies were given whistle lips and a candy kiss, to be given to the most kissable man there.  Bill was surprised to be the recipient of all the kisses.  The men in the head square were given Frog visors to wear.  After each tip, the visors where given to other men to form the next head square.  It was a fun mixer and the guys did look cute. There was a lot of kissing going on that night.  The Whistle lips were well used.  Just a few couples came to the after party that night. I guess they were tuckered out from all the kissing…..
Saturday: Thanks to Bob Frechette for heading up the golf outing.   There was a FANSDC meeting Saturday morning.  What a hardworking group, making plans for the Camp O Ree and other fun outings for all of us.  I do encourage all our members to come to the Camp O Ree.  They are always a great weekend.  After the workshops it was time to cool off with our water soakers.  Jack and Michelle added ice, you knew when you got hit with their soakers.  Paul’s gun may have been small but it was a mighty shooter.  Yes, we all got a soaking but it was so refreshing.  De stayed dried sitting on the swing.  Lolly made big bubbles with her bubble wand.  I want one, it looks like fun. We do have the best pot lucks, so much to choose from.  Thank you all for the snacks for both dance nights.  Everyone bringing their own utensils for the meals is working out well.  ‘Feed the Kitty’ was introduced for donations.  Thank you all, you were most generous.  The Clover Squares came each night, Vickie Todd and Big John came dressed up. Vickie looked like a Can Can dancer with her crazy leggings, fancy skirt and matching head piece.  Big John wore a French tam hat.   If you were in a square with Big John, they were pulling on his suspenders and letting them snap.  We had visitor from Ocala Twirlers too.  We enjoyed a good after party.
We are so glad Ann and Ivan’s motor coach was all fixed and Ivan was on the mend too.  We are so blessed to have the best callers!   Bill and Ann always enjoy their calling and cueing.  There was a new rig this weekend, Jack and Michelle’s Jayco motor coach.  It is really sharp looking with blue and gray swirls. 
Sunday: The breakfast crew was Bob Frechette, Ron and Linda Imus, Gary and I.  The pancakes topped with banana foster and whip cream was a hit.  Mary Chesnut’s fruit bowl and sausage also was served.  Au Revoir

Upcoming events:

July 11-13   INTERNATIONAL CAMP O REE- Pride RV Resort, Maggie Valley, NC.
AUG. 15 - 17   Square Wheels Hosting - International RV Park, Daytona Beach.
                        386 239-2049. Make your own reservations.
Oct. 26-29      FANSDC 42nd State Camp O Ree - Southern Palms in Eustis, Fl.

Safe Summer travels see you all in Pride.
Gail & Gary LaRue 
Gypsy Squares #168

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