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What a perfect start to the Holiday season.
The first weekend of December at Lake Oklawaha.
Twenty-seven rigs set up camp for the weekend.

The weather may have been warm but that didn’t stop us from playing in the Florida ‘snow’.
We made the snow with a mixture of baking soda and cream hair conditioner.
Most of us made tiny snow people and decorated them with such care.  It brought out the kid in us.
Some snow was used for a very mild snowball ‘fight’.

The club house was all decked out, we used Terri Peck’s snow people for the stage decorations.
For dinner, we enjoyed getting together while eating our bagged supper.

Friday night, Santa “John Burzo” was at the door to greet everyone.
We all wore our festive holiday wear to add to the fun. The snack table was piled high with all kinds of goodies. 
Jerry and Donna Robey, the V. Presidents of the NSDCA, and our Florida reps, John and Dolly Ide were our guests.
The new members of the Square Wheels where recognized as well.

What a surprise! Susan Snider came with Marilyn and Paul Scott.  Susan even cued for us.
Bill Chesnut called holiday tips both nights.  We had seven squares on the floor.
Ann Hadsall had a good number of round dancers too.

The after party was well attended.
Thanks Wendy Kakolowski for having group games for the weekend.
She really stumped us with Christmas trivia and the word scramble was a challenge. We really enjoyed the games.

Saturday morning bright and early many of us headed out to the Hog Valley thrift shop to get the bargains.
Bill called a few tips and we had seven squares dancing in the street.
Always a highlight of the weekend.  Let the parade begin. What a crowd we made to cheer them on.
Back at camp, hot dogs and chips were served for lunch.
The ladies made Christmas necklaces, thanks to Mary Chesnut.
Games were played and games were watched on TV.
The work shop had five squares.

While all that was happening, Jay, Teri and helpers were in the kitchen preparing our special dinner.
The table was set and snowmen decorations were the center pieces, and after dinner were gifts.
Linda made beautiful butterfly magnets for everyone.  Thank you!
The dinner was wonderful. Oh, that special sauce on the chicken is the best.
Sixty-seven were severed very fast, the food was hot and we did not run out.
The members brought desserts to share, and oh my…it was amazing how much.
Announcements were made, and after dinner, gifts were presented to Bill, Ann, Jay and Teri from both clubs.
We really appreciate everything you all do, all year for our clubs.

December; what a birthday month.
We sang happy birthday to Wendy Kakolowski, Janet Frechette, Tim Hill, Jim Wiesmore, and Bob Rosenthal.
And one other person I forgot.

We dressed in our best to have our group picture taken, how pretty in our red and green.
Dancers were twirling with crinolines showing to Bill’s calling and Ann’s cueing.

We ended the dance early so we could get started with our Chinese auction.
Another highlight of the weekend.
There was lot of trading going on, with so many nice gifts.
Ron Imus kept everything going and tracking everyone’s trades.
Wade really wanted to trade his cookies.
The tins of pop corn did make nice glass holders.
Carolyn just loved the squealing pink pig.
While all the trading was going on; Jell-O shots, cake pops and hot apple cider was passed around.

Sunday morning we had breakfast of Ron’s famous sausage and gravy on hot biscuits.

Weekend credits:
Gypsy Square and Square Wheels
Bill Chesnut and Ann Hadsall
Christmas dinner and lunch by Jay and Teri Peck with helpers Don and Sherry MacGregor, Maxine Thomas and Carolyn Ueber
Allen Byland made the snowman for the photo back ground and it was quite a hit.
John Burzo as Santa
Breakfast, Ron and Linda Imus, Lolly Adkinson, Allen Byland, Bob Frechette, Gail and Gary LaRue.
Games Wendy Kakolowski
Play snow Gail LaRue
Craft Mary Chesnut
Butterfly gift Linda Imus
Chinese auction Ron Imus

Thank you all for coming and everyone’s help.  You make the weekend what it is…
Smilebox is posted on the FANSDC web site under both clubs.
Our 2017 Camping Schedule is also posted  on both clubs’ web sites.

Merry Christmas and best Wishes for the New Year
Gary and Gail LaRue
Gypsy Squares #168 Presidents

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