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Gypsy Squares April 29th-May 1st 2016
Camp Out at
Williston RV Resort
WOW, what a weekend. I can’t believe how much we did in two days.
We had 24 rigs roll in for the weekend.
Friday night we all met for dinner at the Ivy House where 37 enjoyed the wonderful food and fellowship.
Williston RV Resort is such a nice place to camp and dance.
What a beautiful club house and everyone loves dancing on the wood floor.
We had a number of guests from other clubs dancing with us both nights.
Bill and Ann did a great job.  Our clubs are so lucky to have the best caller and cuer.
There were some of us that still had energy to party on at the after party.
Saturday, the five faithful golfers got off to an early start, while the others slept in.
At 9:30, twenty of us were lined up for the short trip to the Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens.
Who knew you could get lost on a three-mile trip.  It made for a good laugh.
The gardens did not disappoint; it was like walking though a tropical paradise.
Some of us found Vicki Todd’s daughter’s restaurant, the Green Shutters, so we stopped there for lunch.
We got back to the campground to cool off with an ice cream social, and everyone brought toppings to share.
The ladies wore the finest Derby hats to the races.
The hats were all so pretty, Linda Imus and Janell Duritsa won a prize for their hats. 
The thoroughbreds, were lined up to race.
They were a little unconventional, Bill was excited to see there were gators racing.
Yes, there was wagering, some winners and some losers.
We had a rose horse shoe for a winner’s circle and a horse head was worn.
You’ll see it in the Smilebox.
But we had some high rollers too.  The guys rolled the die.
There was some time to rest and/or prepare for the pot luck.
There is always something new and different to try at the pot luck.
Donna made a wonderful onion pie, Linda made noodles with beef,
and we all know it’s not a pot luck without Barbara’s oriental salad.
Thanks Lolly and Allen for the ham.
What a nice dance Saturday night with six squares!
Everyone had such a good time.  I had so many compliments from the visitors.
They loved the dancing and think our camping dancing club is so much fun, and were so glad they were invited.
The after party was on again, only for the ones that had enough energy left…...
Time for Sunday breakfast:
Breakfast Burritos in a wrap, fruit salad,
Mary’s grits and coffee were all ready at 8:00am.
Now that’s service…
The Gypsy Squares newest members, Jack and Michelle Johnston, had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone.
A weekend like this just doesn’t happen.
Ron and Linda Imus, with the help of Rob and Janell Durista, set up and moved coffee and drink coolers from one club to the other club both nights.
Wow, that was lots of work...
All the snacks for the dances always amazes me…
Sharing and making all the food for the pot luck…
Jay and Teri Peck bringing the big coolers of ice for the weekend, they do this for both clubs’ camp outs…...
Breakfast crew: Linda and Ron Imus, Mary Chesnut, and Gary and I. ...
And most of all THANK YOU for coming and supporting the Gypsy Squares.
We have reserved the Williston Crossing RV Park for next year, May 5-7, 2017.
We have use of the large club house.
The rates have gone up a little bit:
Pull thrus are $49.50, back ins are $40.00 and the grass sites are $40.00.
However, they have a new rule that no 50 amp units may camp on the grass sites.
We will go for the back ins.
Also, it is Cinco de Mayo weekend!
Gail and Gary LaRue  352-861-1583
Gypsy Squares Presidents

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