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May 2015 Campout

Always a pleasure staying a Williston RV Resort. Everyone was so impressed with the beautiful dance hall.
The staff at Williston treated us like royalty - Perfect for our Medieval weekend.
We had only 20 campers but made up for it with visitors, Clover Squares and park guests.
On Saturday 75 attended the dance.
We were not disappointed dining at the Ivy House for Friday night dinner.
We had 42 happy campers, and the food and service as always was outstanding.

Friday night's dance was casual with an after party at the activity center,
where we played a game of "Royal Titles" and homework for Saturday's after party was to come up with our own "Royal Titles".

Saturday morning, bright and early, seven players hit the golf course.
Thanks, Ron for organizing the outing.
Twelve fair maidens attended the morning workshop, where they each made a head dress of ribbons.
They all walked up to the dance hall to practice the Maypole dance.
After lunch the games began, catapult, castle and all.
The jostling was hilarious, it was aroused great merriment.
The King of Kings game was played with two teams.
A very interesting way to play a game of checkers.
Janet Frechette was crowned four times - the crowns were almost as tall as her.

Dinner was a potluck shared by all. So good! Great cooks!

The Royal Dance

Guests were greeted by Wenches and Knights armed with swords.
A number of dancers were dressed in medieval costumes to add to the merriment.
The trumpets sounded, our honored Caller Bill Chesnut and Cuer Ann Hadsell
were cloaked in red robes and presented their royal crowns.
For their payment for the night they were given a bag of gold coins (chocolate ones).

For our entertainment the twelve fair maidens entered and danced around the May pole.
The long ribbons were perfectly woven around the pole. Great job, my ladies.
Our Wenches served everyone fish and chips (potatoes chips and goldfish crackers).
Many pictures were taken with the men’s heads in the stockade and the wearing of medieval hats.
We were honored by Rod Barngrover guest calling.

At the end of the dance it was like magic,
within minutes all the decorations were down and the tables were put back in place.
I guess everyone wanted to get to the after party.

On to the after party where the royal titles were proudly announced.
The game of Act Out was played, with 3 Merry Men, 2 Lords a-Leaping, 3 maids a-milking, 3 Musketeers
and last but not least Robin Hood, who lead us all in the song…
Thank you all for being such good sports.

Sunday breakfast was awesome - Ron’s sausage gravy over hot biscuits, so yummy.
Jay beat up and fried 5 dozen eggs.
Fresh pineapple and grapes were served; a breakfast fit for a King.

I want to thank you all - Gypsy Squares and Square Wheels - for all your help and support this weekend.
I could have never pulled it off without you. Bless you all.
The FUN TAX was very generous, money will go to future theme weekends and Ron will buy a plastic bin to store club supplies.

One sad note - my Smilebox is not working.
I do have all the pictures and video ready.
Thanks Tim Hill for all your pictures.
I will have to bring the computer in for a check up.
We leave on Monday for the Keys, so I won't get the computer back until after State Convention.

We are all set for next years camp out at Williston April 29-May 1st so mark your calendars or better yet make your reservations.

Please note change
The Christmas campout will be December 4-6th the FIRST weekend at Lake Oklawaha RV Park.

See you at State Convention and have fun at Nationals. Safe travels to all this Summer.

Keep on dancing,

Gail and Gary LaRue  352-861-1583
Gypsy Squares Presidents

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