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March 2015 Campout

Joanne Engum and John Corbett had a wonderful memorial service.
Over 50 family and friends attended. We will always have great fond memories of them.
Bill did an outstanding job officiating the service. Judi was given a memory locket from both clubs.
Inside the clear locket it had two hearts, a letter J for Joanne and John and angel wings.

Lunch followed with fellowship and story telling. Thanks to all for helping Jay and Teri with the food.
I really feel the Gypsy Squares and the Square Wheels are like one family and it really showed this weekend.
Bless you all.

The 25 rigs started rolling in on Friday afternoon.
To everyone’s surprise they thought they would have a real close site by the club house -great!
Well not so great  - there was no electricity in the front section for the weekend.
We all got our exercise trekking to the club house and back to our rigs.

We all enjoyed our bag supper together. The dance was real casual, we wore our PJ’s.
Even our caller Bill Chesnut wore his Gator sleepwear.
Ann Hadsell, our cuer, was nice and comfy in her pretty PJ‘s.
We were treated to coffee ice cream punch and whoopee pie along with other goodies for the dance.
The after party did not disappoint; there was no injuries during the pillow fight, but we were all out of breath.
Ann and Ivan won the pillow talk game, married 55 years they know each other very well.

There were visitors from Toronto Canada - Mickey and Karen Sandula,
as well as FANSDC presidents John and Dolly Ide and NSDCA vice presidents Jerry and Donna Robbey,
Irene (cuer) and George Smith. It was so nice to see so many others that came to the service.

Saturday afternoon Bill had a workshop with three squares.
Ann had a round dance workshop too, followed by a pot luck dinner. What good cooks we have!
We had to dance off the calories.
Always a treat to have Rod Barngrover do a hot hash and to dance to the daring duo of Bill and Rod.

At the after party we tried to sing the Ein Prosit toast to Joanne and John. We will work on that.

Rise and Shine Sunday breakfast was French toast, sausage, oranges, coffee and what ever sweets were left over from the dance.
Thanks to Jay, Ron, Paul, Gary and Ray for set up and cooking and Lolly and Allen who served.
Special thanks to Mary for bringing the hot dogs and all the trips back and forth.
She must have racked up ten miles. It is great having all the help.

We had a donation box for a family whose home burned down in Hog Valley and they lost their nine year old son.
Thank you so much - $150.00 was raised for the family.


April 17-19
Square Wheels Hosting
Wilderness RV Park-2771 N.E.102nd Ave., Silver Spring.
There will be a silent auction so bring your stuff to sell - each club will get the money.
Hwy 40 E past Silver Springs, after the bridge over the Oklawaha River on the left.
$22.14 a night including tax. 352-625-1122.
Martha will make your reservations.
The GPS is 10313 E. Hwy 40. Silver Springs, 34488.


May 1-3
Gypsy Squares Hosting
Williston RV Resort
410 NE 5th St Williston, Fl. 32696
We will be using the big beautiful hall, must have at least 65 dancers.
It is an especially nice floor for the round dancers.
This weekend dance is open to all area clubs.
For non-campers area accommodations are available.
There are some rentals - call for details.
The more the merrier.
Please make your own reservations 352-528-7100 ASAP
Increase in rally fees.
$28.00 grass sites, $35.43 back-in, $40.88 Pull though
Reminder check in time is 1:00 PM
Friday night dinner will be at the Ivy House.
Please call Gail 352-861-1583 so we can get a head count.

Gail and Gary LaRue  352-861-1583
Gypsy Squares Presidents

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