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December 2015 Campout

It was a few weeks before Christmas and 28 rigs arrived at Lake Oklawaha RV Park. After everyone
parked and got settled in, the campground looked like a Christmas wonderland.

Friday evening started with a quick meal of sandwiches and camaraderie.
Everyone was ready for a great weekend of dancing, games, food, and fellowship.

The Friday night dance started with us donning our Christmas sweaters and hats. It was quite a sight.
Photos of elves were taken. Oh not to be mistaken…  there was plenty of dancing that night.
Ann Hadsell was our cuer and Bill Chesnut was our caller.
The after party was well attended with the passing of snacks and drinking of wine.
Everyone was ready for the passing of the candy cane.
A quick game, and by the end of the evening, we were already to call it a night.

Saturday morning we were all filled with excitement to head to the Hog Valley Thrift store to buy all their treasures.
While waiting for the Hog Valley parade to start, three squares danced in the street.
I bet you didn't know Bill could call and direct traffic at the same time!
I think this year there were more people watching the parade than who marched in it.
Then we headed back to camp where a hot dog lunch was served.
There was no time to rest. It was time to start the games.
We have quite a lot of talent among us. Some can actually draw on a paper plate on their heads.
Some even have x-ray vision, guessing the number of bells in wrapped boxes and got them all correct.
We had a great time playing the crazy games.
Thanks to Ron Imus for hosting our games.
Bill had an afternoon workshop with two squares.
Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Jay and Teri were preparing our Christmas dinner.
It was a good time to get the tables set up.
They looked so festive with large candy canes as center pieces (they became the gifts to members from both clubs).
We also had bags of candy treats for all.
Teri Peck crocheted the cutest penguins with the help of her friends Ann Dunsworth and Judi Corbett.
Wayne Miller made each of us wooden camper ornaments with our names on them.
Thanks to all!
We enjoyed a delicious dinner thanks to Jay and Teri. There were so many desserts we even had them for Sunday breakfast.
While everyone was so stuffed they couldn’t move, it was a perfect time to have announcements.
When we returned to the dance hall, we were all dressed in our holiday best.
What a festive group photo it made.
Yes, we did come to dance too, and had seven squares at times.
Bill called, using Christmas tunes that kept us on our toes.
Our guest, Jim Cosman, did some calling for us, and it was quite a treat.
The round dancers looked stunning dancing to Ann’s cueing.
After the dance, the gifts were piled high on the fireplace hearth.
It looked like Santa’s sleigh had turned over.
Ron Imus was ready to referee….no, I mean host the Christmas Exchange.
There was lots of wine and lots of gift ‘stealing’.
The most desired gift was the 3 holiday shorts for the men. LOL
All in all, it was the most fun you can have.
Gifts were presented to Jay & Teri, our wonderful cooks and treasurers.
Gifts were also presented to Bill Chestnut, our caller; and Ann Hadsell, our lovely cuer.
We are truly grateful for all they do for our clubs.

Sunday 8:00am breakfast was made and served by Ron, Gary, and myself.
Breakfast was sausage gravy on biscuits, fruit, and left over desserts.
Having two clubs that work so well together just doubles the fun!
Bring in the New Year with Bill & Mary Chesnut’s New Year’s Eve party,
an extra long weekend at Lake Oklawaha RV Park.
Check out the newsletters and Smileboxes on our Gypsy Square’s website: floridasquaredance.com/gypsysquares/
We welcomed the following guests:
Presidents of NSDCA Jerry & Donna Robey
Presidents of FANSDC Bob and Barbara Rosenthal
Caller Jim & Margaret Cosman
Dick & Carol Burham
We have some new Gypsy Square members:
Donna & Dave Seay (Donna is our new Secretary)
Janet & Bob Flechette
Mary & John Burzo
Goodbye, farewell, Merry Christmas! See you all next year, camping and dancing.

Gary & Gail LaRue
Gypsy Squares #168

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