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It’s getting close and I am sure everyone is all set for our Christmas Campout at Ocala Sun RV Park December 2-4.   When the reservation was made 2 years ago I requested 16 sites but now that we are having such nice large groups we need an exact number to reserve more sites, the park is quite busy at this time.   So far there are only 6 couples registered including Dale and I and the Chesnuts.  This needs to be done quickly so please reply to this email a.s.a.p. and Judi will forward the number to me.  Jay and Teri also need a count for the fantastic dinner they have planned for us on Saturday…once again our treasury is in a complimentary holiday mood.   Desserts are welcome. We will have a hot dog picnic supper Friday at 5:30p.m., once again compliments of our treasury. You are welcome to add to the fare if you wish.  You are asked to bring a few finger foods, large soda’s etc. for Friday and Saturday dances. And of course….we will have a wine and cheese after party social each evening.

Our Chinese gift exchange always adds a jolly holiday touch on Saturday, perhaps during the day so we can take our time planning the strategy to take home the one you want!!  It did get pretty late last year…what do you think? If you wish to participate bring a $5.00 minimum wrapped gift per person to get in on the action.  Lots of Laughs as always!  We will cap off the weekend with a breakfast on Sunday morning.

Dues reminder…. Dues (national and club) will be collected from now through our campout. National has requested dues be in by mid-December. Renewal dues per couple are $30.00 ($20 National and $10 club).  Single dues are $15.00 If you intend to mail a check, please make it payable to Gypsy Squares and send to: Jay Peck, 875 Lindenwood Circle East, Ormond Beach Fl. 3217.

Hope to see some of you at the Fall Festival in Jacksonville on the 18th-19th.  The Gypsy charter is held in Starke which makes us members of the Northeast Assn. so hopefully we will make a good showing.  It was pretty lonesome at the Camporee as Dale and I were the only Gypsy’s attending…..but the Square Wheels made us feel like it was one of our joint campouts.  #128 rocks!

REMEMBER      Each rig must make their own reservation by calling 1-877-809-1100. The rally price is $27.00 per night (all inc.) which is $10.00 less than their regular rate.  Call with a credit card.  Directions to the campground can be found on our website.

Looking forward to dancing into the Holiday Season with all of you
Joanne and Dale


If ever there were so many fun things to do, it is at the start of the fall camping and square dancing activities.  We hope all of you will be joining in all of the festivities and having a wonderful time.  Camping and dancing, that is where it’s at!

We would like to thank Marilyn Scott of the Square Wheels for writing the Grapevine article for us and the Square Wheels, while we were in the north in August and September. I would like to quote from her article:              “September 16-18 we camped at Pacetti’s Marina in Green Cove Springs, Fl. This weekend commemorates the 26th anniversary of the Square Wheels.  There were lots of activities planned, including a fish fry by Jay and Teri Peck from Chapter 168.  It was a scrumptious dinner and we want to thank them for all their hard work.  We were grateful to have dancers from the Jacksonville area drive down and join us for this special dance.”

The State Camporee at Wekiva Springs, Fl. October 27-30 is right around the corner.  As it turns out Dale and I are the only Gypsy’s registered to attend despite all of my reminders.  It just seems there is almost always too much on our plates at times, but not to worry, Dale and I will represent the Gypsy’s proudly.  The good part being we have asked to camp with our fellow 128’s so we are assured all of us will have a good time.  It still is not too late to register, just contact me for info. 

The camping weekend at O’Leno State Park November 4-6 has many Gypsy’s registered, and as I said previously it so happens our plate is full that weekend so we cannot attend with all of you.  If you have not registered, contact Mary Chesnut at marynut@cfob.biz  or call her at 352-374-8582. Advance registrations are due by Oct 27th. Campers make their own reservation thru reserveamerica.com. Bobby Keefe, Bob Poyner and our own Bill Chesnut will be calling the squares and Lisa Wall will cue the rounds.  Jay and Teri will be preparing a gourmet dinner….as always...with the help  of all of us on Saturday.  The Square Wheels plan a Saturday lunch and in addition the usual re-sale room will be awaiting all of the items you would like to sell.  Remember to have a pin with and envelope attached to each item, and we are asked to take the responsibility of collecting our own un-sold articles.  Happy Shopping and have a great time.

We hope you have your calendars marked to have a Wild Wild West time at the NEFSARDA weekend November 18-19th.  Caller “get yer gun” Roland Morin and Cuer “round ‘em up” Lisa Wall will show us all a good time.  The dance will be held at St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Jacksonville Beach with camping at Hannah Park, Atlantic Beach.  The brochure is on line at http://www.floridasquaredance.com/northeast/.  This is one of the Gypsy NEFSARDA dances so we will be responsible for snacks, etc.  A reminder with all the details will be send prior to the dance.

The next biggie for us will be our Christmas campout at Ocala Sun RV Park with the Square Wheels December 2-4.  If anyone would like to volunteer to help make it another huge success, just let us know!  All the details will be posted on our website and I do so hope that everyone’s plate was left empty so they could attend our party.  I apologize for this long span between newsletters, retirement is such busy work!!!   Feel free to contact us at any time and always pick up the brochures at all the dances you at

We are sending you the revised camping schedule, as some of dates etc. have been changed.  And remember always ….the Gypsy’s and the Square Wheels rock!!

Joanne and Dale


We will be hosting the Campout this weekend at Wild Frontier RV Park (GPS is 3040 N.W. Gainesville Road, Ocala) and would like to inform you of the details.  We are looking for a large turnout  as Martha has reservations for 21 rigs at this point. If you have not called her do so ASAP.  We will not only have the Gypsy’s and the Square Wheels present, camping with us will be the Drift Around Squares with their caller Jim Cosman who will be joining Bill - keeping our feet hoppin’.
Friday at 5:30 the Gypsy's  are hosting a hot dog supper with chips and condiments for all in attendance.  A good friendly way to kick of a fun social weekend.  Just bring yourselves and a beverage of your choice (or see below re desserts).  Dancing will begin at 7:30 and casual attire is optional, as are all of the dances on the weekends the Gypsy’s are hosting.  This is something the club voted on a year ago, but you certainly have the option for square dance attire whenever you so desire.  The Gypsy’s prefer the casual for camping, unless of course there is a “special” occasion, and you will be notified in advance. A social hour will always be held after the dance, time and place will be announced….and do plan to come.  We really aren’t wearing off any pre-dance dinner calories, only adding a few with a light snack and byo beverage.  If calories can be worn off with lip movement…pounds would be lost!!
Saturday morning the Drift Around Squares #093 will host a breakfast at 8:30, once again another good start for the day.  Mary Burzo has distributed brochures in the area  offering free square dance lessons to anyone interested in square dancing and posted them on the park bulletin board also. This will take place on Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. in the hall.  Plan to join in, angel, dance and hopefully the callers will have an overflowing dance floor.  (We can sure hope can’t we?)
One of the best things happening on Saturday at 5:30 p.m. will be the Spaghetti and Meat Ball dinner prepared for all by our famous duo, Jay and Teri Peck.  The Gypsy’s will also furnish the garlic bread.  You may add salads, veggies or anything you think would complement the dinner.  As far as the desserts which will be appreciated also, you can choose to bring one for either Friday or Saturday dinners.  Bring your plates and silverware for the Saturday dinner. Snacks and large bottles of soda (some diet) are always appreciated at the dances.
The Gypsy’s Ann and Bill Dunsworth are “in charge” of the continental breakfast which will be served on Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m.  It is always a bitter sweet time as we all have to part ways until our next gathering.  Caller Bill has an idea up his sleeve for a June picnic weekend campout …..  listen for all the details. #128 will host an August campout 19-21 at Wilderness RV Park in Ocala, so check the websites for further info.

I cannot close this newsletter without stating “what a weekend”.  Our April campout at Lake Oklawaha RV Park was hosted by #128 and it was one to remember.  There were 22 rigs present, the weather was quite warm, but sunny, the food was outstanding, the square and round dancing was terrific and the after-dance campfire socials were just what we needed to cap off each wonderful day, beginning with the wonderful hot dogs with all the fixin’s lunch the square wheels served on Saturday, to the scrumptious covered dinner supper and all capped off with the full breakfast they served on Sunday morning. Yes, we did square and round dance too, thanks Bill and our guest cuer Ed Hauck and Hazel. There are many, many Ocklawaha campout pictures on our website
www.floridasquaredance.com/gypsysquares, check them out, and if you didn’t attend, when you see the fun that was had, I am sure you will be the first in line for the next #128-#168 campout.

See you this weekend,
Joanne and Dale


Hi Gypsy and Square Wheel dancing friends.  Just a little reminder about our weekend coming up.  As you know there has been a change in locale so we will be back at Oklawaha RV resort once again.  We certainly enjoyed the Christmas party there so I am sure we will chalk this up as another great combined camping weekend.  The weather forecast is wonderful and we all know how nice it is to be on the banks of Rodman Reservoir in the spring.  We are a bit isolated so there will be workshops on Saturday afternoon. Good choice #128, and we are confident that you, as hosts, will make it a fun time for all.  I have heard only great reports on the March campouts, only proving that Bill’s suggestion to hold our campouts together was a terrific idea.  Thanks Bill for not only keeping us happy on the dance floor, but in friendships and camaraderie as well!  There is always strength in numbers!.

Excerpt from Martha’s newsletter:    April 15-17, will be our next campout at Lake Oklawaha R. V. Park just east of Ft. McCoy on C.R. 316 Turn left just after you cross the high bridge (over the Oklawaha River) and go 11 miles, the campground is on the left. The GPS address is 15991 N. E. 243rd Place Road,  Ft. McCoy, FL. 32134, 352-546-2151. Please let Martha know if you will be camping, she will make the reservations at $24.75 plus tax per night.    Friday night we will be on our own for supper, Saturday noon hot dogs will be furnished and there will be a  covered dish dinner at 5:00 p.m. Remember to brings snacks, some desserts and as Martha just told me..bring lots of food as we will have the chance to dance off all of the calories. The next campout, hosted by the Gypsy’s, will be held at Wild Frontier RV Park.  It is located on US 441 N., behind the American Choice RV Sales in Ocala May 6-7-8.  Mark that date on your calendars and we will have a short planning meeting by the Gypsy’s this weekend.  I am sure everyone will want to do breakfast on Sunday, but we will have to take the first volunteer that comes along!!! We are looking forward to seeing everyone and to some great after-parties….always include those in your plans!  Joanne and Dale

See you this weekend,
Joanne and Dale


What a great time we had in Lake City at the Blue-Grey Festival….and the best news being the Gypsy’s came out in full force.  We won the attendance award  (the host club’s traveling banner) presented at the dance on Saturday night.  The calculation is made by percentage and the Gypsy Squares had 70% present.  It is a banner which we will keep in our presence until next year’s dance. It will hang proudly at all of our campouts at which  we are hoping for 100% attendance to come see and “gloat”.  It will be included in the pictures appearing on our website.  Check it out!   It was a sunny, warm weekend and the parade, vendor booths, and especially the Street Demo we gave, made for Gypsy and Square Wheel’s fun.  #128 hosted the Friday night dance at Teen Town and Bill and Lisa kept all of us on the floor with their terrific calling and cueing.  The Dixie Dancers did an outstanding job on Saturday night.  Not only was the dancing great, but the food, silent auction, door prizes and their genuine hospitality gave everyone the incentive to mark the Blue-Grey Festival on their calendars for 2012.

We are hosting the next campout at Suwannee Valley RV Resort in White Springs.  The GPS address is 786 NW Stephen Foster Dr.   The Square Wheels had made reservations there prior to our “joint campouts” decision so Martha is therefore making all of the campsite reservations.  The camping cost is $15.00 per night. Please let her know ASAP if you plan to attend. Martha’s phone number is 352-336-5311 and her email address is marthazimmerman@cox.net  The campground  provides  hamburgers and hot dogs/with sides for $5.00 on Friday evening if anyone is interested in that.  They are not offering the usual dinners on Saturday, so we will hold a covered dish dinner at 5:00 p.m. in the clubhouse.    The Gypsy’s will provide the Sunday morning breakfast so if you would be interested in volunteering it will be on a first-come/first-served basis!!  If you have any questions feel free to call 904-707-0261 or email me at joengum@cfl.rr.com.  This being the third weekend in March the Wild Azalea Festival in White Springs is held and rumor has it that it makes for another fun weekend.  I will try to contact the right person to see about doing a demo there, which our dear caller has encouraged me to do.  Judi Corbett will send a reminder with all the details just prior to the campout.   There is only one bad part about this whole thing…I will be in Wisconsin helping my daughter move  (I am actually looking forward to some more family time) so I will not be able to attend and have all of the fun y’all will have.

But….we, as well as all of you hopefully, have April 15-17 reserved for our weekend at Olde Mill Stream in Umatilla.  The Square Wheels are hosting so we know that together it will be one super camping and dancing weekend.  I again would like to encourage all of you to check out our website at www.floridasquaredance.com/gypsysquares    and enjoy!

See you in a square,
Joanne and Dale


Happy New Year everyone, I know we are all looking forward to the camping weekends and special events planned for 2011.  Our Christmas campout at Lake Oklawaha was one of the best ever.  Their newly remodeled hall and the campgrounds improvements make it a must go again when making our schedule for 2012.  The Friday evening hot dog supper was a great socializer for all the gypsy and square wheel members, the dance was lively and fun as it always is with caller Bill.  Our new members the Fields and the Duritsa’s  were so enthusiastic they even brought a marshmallow roaster and treated everyone to s’mores…new members and a new  dessert, really a win situation.  There we were, out in the wilderness, and lo and behold we were treated to a fun Saturday morning just down the road.  It was the annual Hog Valley Christmas Festival and a parade that was pretty awesome.  Numerous decorated floats with the beautiful “Hog Queen” flitting in, out and around.   The delicious turkey and ham dinner with all the trimmings, prepared of course by our famous Gypsy chefs Jay and Teri  on Saturday evening, put everyone in the mood for an night of dancing off the calories, topped off by our famous Chinese Auction.  The 5 plus squares in attendance made a nice large circle for the surprises, gifts and laughs.  Sunday breakfast sent all of us home with excellent memories of another wonderful camping weekend.

The RV's did not get much of a rest as many ventured to Pacetti’s Marina for Bill Chestnut and Bobby Keefe’s 2nd annual? New Year’s Eve Gala.  Another delicious “Peck” dinner got the evening off to a great start, the calling and cuing was outstanding thanks to Bill, Bobby and Ralph Beekman. The champagne toast at midnight brought all to a dancing good start in 2011.  The Chesnuts know how to get us all off to a great New Year by serving the traditional black eyed peas and rice dinner on New Year’s Day, followed by square dancing all evening.  The weather was beautiful and this fun weekend is one you will want to mark on your calendar for next year….if indeed there is a 3rd annual Gala.  Check the brochure tables for flyers in November.

On January 14, 15, 16, the next campout will be held at Pacetti’s Marina Campground hosted by the Square Wheels. The cost is $20.00 a night plus tax.  Call Martha Zimmerman for reservations The Friday night dance is at 7:30 PM.  There will be a Saturday lunch with hot dogs and side dishes, table settings provided.  Saturday night at 5:00 p.m. there will be a covered dish dinner, bring your table settings.  The dance will begin at 7:30 PM.  The Sunday Breakfast at 8:00 AM will be pancakes or waffles and sausages.  There will be volunteers to cook and serve a wonderful breakfast. Bring your table setting for the covered dish dinner and breakfast.

Mark your calendars for the Blue/Grey Festival in Lake City on February 18th, 19th and 20th. Camping is available at, Oaks and Pines RV Park. Martha Zimmerman is taking reservations for this. The Square Wheels will sponsor the Friday night dance at Teen Town Recreation Center.  We will have a street dance demo on Saturday afternoon and the Saturday night dance will be held at the Toyota Showroom, US 90.  Mac Letson is the featured caller, with Lisa Wall and Ralph Beekman cuing. Let’s have a good turnout for this fun weekend. Don’t forget to check out our website www.floridasquaredance.com/gypsysquares  , the info and photos are there for you.

See you in a square,
Joanne and Dale

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