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With the Holidays upon us we have far too many things to remember, so I am sending a refresher for our Gypsy Celebrations, and potential festivities. The first thing on the agenda is our Christmas Campout December 4th, 5th and 6th at Ocala Sun RV Park. Each rig must make their own reservations by calling 1-877-809-1100. The rally price is $27.00 per night (all inc.) which is $10.00 less than their regular rate. Call with a credit card. The board has once again decided that our treasury is in the holiday spirit and we will have a picnic potluck on Friday at 5:30PM before the dance, with the club furnishing the hot dogs and buns. Weather and fireplace permitting, we will have a marshmallow roast after the dance. Jay and Teri are preparing their usual fantastic ham and the trimmings dinner on Saturday, Desserts are welcome of course! (Please let us know asap if you plan to attend) Dinner will be served at 5:30 and we will dance from 7:30 to 9:30. After the dance we will have our fun Chinese Auction after party. Wine, cheese and perhaps dinner left-overs (if there are any)!!! Each person who would like to participate will bring a gift to exchange at a cost of $5.00 and up. The board voted to help make Christmas a little merrier for the less fortunate this year (we are all so lucky) and will collect $10 from each couple who wishes to participate to be given to a needy family on behalf of the Gypsy Squares. Karen Gagne is handling this for us, and your donation will be greatly appreciated. And as always, we will serve Sunday breakfast hosted by the Board. Anyone who has not paid their dues must do so at this time...we have a deadline to meet.

The O'Leno Hoedown was a great weekend, and the Gypsys and the Square Wheels once again proved just how much fun these campouts can be. Thanks to Mary Chesnut for all of her hard work.what an organizer you are Mary. Jay and Teri, with all the Gypsy cooks in the kitchen, put out a fantastic Pork tenderloin dinner. Thanks Jay and Teri, you done good. The dancing was super, so make sure you make it next year, plan early. Information will always be found on our website. "http://www.floridadancing.com/gypsysquares" or click on grapevine and go into Sarah's site - everything is always there and up to date.

Here is a great plan for New Years Eve. Dance with Bill Chesnut and Bobby Keith� Dec. 31- Jan.1 at Pacetti's Marina & Campground in Orangedale near Green Cove Spring, on SR-13N. Come camp for $22.00 a night including tax and dance til midnight. Dancing, dinner by Jay & Terri Peck, party favors, door prizes and etc. all for $45.00 per couple. A fun way for square dance campers (and non-campers as well) to ring in 2010. Bill will have all the info for us at our Christmas campout. The GPS address is 6550 State Road 13 N. St. Augustine, 32092

January 15, 16, 17, 2010 The Square Wheels are having their campout at Wild Frontier RV Park, in Ocala. All sites are 50 amp, bring your reducer for 30 amp. The campground is behind the America Choice RV Sales, next to the Ford Company on 441N. The GPS address is 3040 N. W. Gainesville Road, Ocala, 34475. The cost is $21.70 a night including tax. The Sunshine State Pioneers, Chapter 018 will be camping with them also. The Friday night dance at 7:30 PM is casual. They will have Saturday lunch hot dogs and side dishes. Saturday night 5:00 PM covered dinner and dance at 7:30 PM, square dance attire. Sunday Breakfast 8:00 AM will be pancakes and sausages. Due to the fact that we do not have a January campout scheduled this would be a great opportunity to join the Square Wheels and 018. Talk it up and let us know if you plan to attend and I will reserve with Martha.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Ocala.

Yellow Rocks,
Joanne and Dale




We can't say enough about the wonderful weekend at Blueberry Hill, the 2009 NCSDA Camporee was a huge success.  Those of you who did not attend, and there were many, would be wise to mark it on your calendar for next year.  It will be in Bushnell once again and we will fill you in on the details when they are finalized.  Dale and I were joined by Judi and John Corbett, Lorraine and Vinnie Piecora, Dee Casteel (who by the way is Chairperson for next year's camporee) Maxine Thomas and Billy Luper.  But, small group that we were, we definitely have bragging rights for the Gypsy Squares. #168 took the first place trophy for our impromptu skit.  It was so hilarious we had a hard time to keep from laughing all the way through.  So did the judges and after wiping their tears, they awarded us the "traveling trophy".  We will bring it with us to Ocala, a great Christmas gift to #168!  (With a little arm-twisting we could perhaps perform it once again for all of you??)  Next year's theme will be "Mardi Gras", so lets help Dee all the way.  The Gypsies volunteered to take the decoration chairmanship.  HELP!!!  

Camp-O-Ree 2009

O�LENO HOEDOWN will be held November 6th, 7th and 8th at O'Leno State Park. This is a Gypsy/Square Wheels endeavor so it is our November campout with lots of dancers in attendance. Some of you have signed up to work on a committee, but if you have not and wish to participate, please contact Mary Chesnut at 352-475-2550, or e-mail her at marynut@cfop.biz. The rules for O'Leno are pretty much the same as in years past. If this is your lst O'Leno Hoedown as a Gypsy member and you wish to work, you pay the entry fee and sign up to be on a committee. The fee for dances & meals is $32 per person. If you have paid in a prior year and have worked, all you do this year is pay $10 per person for the Saturday evening dinner and offer Mary your assistance. If you just want to attend the hoedown and not work, the fees will be posted. We will have the consignment shop again for Square Dance related clothing, etc. All items must be clean and on a hanger with an envelope attached to each item stating the amount and some way to identify you. Each person is responsible for supplying their own rack or display table, and for removing any unsold items at the end of the dance on Saturday night.

Dues Reminder......Dues (national and club) will be collected from now through our December campout at Ocala.  Some paid at Pacetti's and we will also collect at O'Leno.  National has requested dues be in by mid December.  Renewal dues are $30.00 per couple and $15.00 for singles.  If you intend to mail a check, please make it payable to Gypsy Squares and send to: Jay Peck, 875 Lindenwood Circle East, Ormond Beach Fl. 32174.

Plans are in motion to make our annual Christmas Campout at Ocala Sun RV Park a fun and fellowship, dancing and eating, gifting and auctioning weekend.  Each rig must make their own reservations by calling 1-877-809-1100.  The rally price is $27.00 per night, which is $10.00 less than their regular rate.  Call with a credit card I just reserved for Dale and I.  The board has once again decided that our treasury is in the holiday spirit and we will have a picnic potluck on Friday before the dance, with the club furnishing the hot dogs and buns.   Weather and fireplace permitting, we will have a marshmallow roast after the dance.  Jay and Teri are preparing their fantastic ham and the trimmings� dinner on Saturday - desserts are welcome of course!  (Please let us know ASAP if you will attend so they have an accurate head count.)  Dinner will be followed by our fun $5.00 minimum Chinese Auction!  The board voted to help make Christmas a little merrier for the less fortunate this year (we are all so lucky) and we hope to collect $10 from each couple to be given to a needy family on behalf of the Gypsy Squares.  Karen Gagne is handling this for us, and your donation will be greatly appreciated.

I hope you also have November 20-21st marked on your calendar to attend the NE Florida Square and Round Dancers Association (NEFSARDA) 56th Fall Festival in Jacksonville The Gypsy charter is registered with this group, so our support is highly recommended.  I have two ribbons left at $15.00 each ($18.00 at the door) for the whole weekend - email me if you are interested. This year's theme is �A Walk on the Wild Side, and I am sure it will be a wild, fun dance.  All clubs were asked to donate a silent auction item and we are providing a beautiful framed picture. Details can be found by going to our fabulous website  http://www.floridasquaredance.com/gypsysquares/index.html, click on Grapevine and it will take you to an abundance of information.

Ok Joanne, you can give up the mike now.but before I sign off, I will include our calendar through 2010 for reference.  Of course this is not written in stone, so it can be altered if necessary.  See you at O'Leno.

Yellow Rocks,
Joanne and Dale



Hi everyone, just a short newsletter in regard to collared shirts with our Gypsy Logo and your name, all in embroidery.  Mary Burzo volunteered to order them for us at a cost of $20.00 each, they are very good quality.  The colors offered are black, gold and white in sizes small, medium, large and extra large.  Many of us ordered ours at Pacetti's this past weekend, but for those of you not in attendance we want you to have this opportunity also.  It has been quite some time since shirts were ordered..so here is your chance to dress gypsy!!!  I am giving you short notice as you can see as Mary will put the order in on Thursday, the 24th.   Sorry about that!  

 The weekend was very successful and the attendance was great.  The Square Wheels threw a great 29th Anniversary Dance cake and all.  There were 5 squares on Friday night and good attendance at the afternoon plus workshop.  Thank you Robert and Bill.  The spread put forth for the potluck dinner was, as always, fit for a king.  The tables were full as was the dance floor, with as many as 7 squares on the floor at one time.  Mary filled us in on the details for  O'Leno. As you all know, Jay and Teri are the cookers and all of the gypsies who would like to..are the helpers.  If you are interested in signing up please let Mary Chesnut know ASAP. Those of us who have worked previously at O'Leno will only pay for the dinner at the door, and first-timers will pay for the dinner and the dancing this year.  If you help, then the following year you will pay just the dinner.  It is always such a fun weekend and of course it is our November campout, the 6th, 7th and 8th.

 I hope you all have your calendars marked, and your ribbons ordered, for the Camporee the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th of October.  A true Pirate weekend�..Three big days of Pillaging, drinking, flogging, wenching (and, oh yes) square and round dancing.  For all the details go to http://www.floridasquaredance.com/fansdc/camporee

Yellow Rocks,
Joanne and Dale



Dale and I hope everyone is having a great summer...lots of dancing, camping and we know lots of sunshine!
First of all we would like to give you a little update on Luther.
He is getting stronger and stronger as he gains upper body strength.
The good news is, he enjoys his therapy very much and is getting all that is available to him.
He has an electric wheelchair, an electric scooter, as many of the mechanical helpers he can get...........but most of all he has Debbie!!
She is a trooper to say the least and stays on top of everything.
Here are some pictures from our recent visit.
Uou can see how grateful Luther is to have that upper body usage to give her big hugs,
and we collected some of those ourselves when we visited.
It is a struggle for them,
but they have such strong faith in God - and each other - that the future looks brighter for them day by day.
Keep them in your prayers always and who knows, one day they may just join us for a weekend.
That is how Luther thinks and that is the kind of attitude you need at a time like this.

(Debbie and Luther asked me to send their love, yellow rocks and prayers,
and to thank everyone for all the cards, visits and prayers.)

Just a reminder in regard to the NSDCA (National Square Dance Campers Association) offer.
They are extending the national campaign
promoting a $20.00 camping coupon for non-NSDCA members
as an incentive for them to join us for a camping weekend.
This is a great opportunity to introduce people to the fun and excitement of dancing and camping.
So let�s see if we can look around and find some prospective Gypsy's....give out some $20 certificates....and increase our membership.
Just let us know how many you want!!
There is nothing Bill likes better than to call to a full hall, right Bill?

We hope you have your calendar marked for Sept. 18th, 19th and 20th
for the campout with the Square Wheels at Pacetti's.
The Gypsy's have Stagecoach RV Resort reserved for the first weekend in October.
Mark that date along with the State Camp-O-Ree at Bushnell on the 22nd through the 25th,
and we will camp at O'Leno on Nov. 6th, 7th and 8th.
The Christmas Party weekend Dec. 4th, 5th and 6th at Ocala Sun RV Park
will finish up the year in a fun dancing and camping manner.

Stay cool, keep those dancing shoes busy and hopefully we will see you in a dance hall sometime throughout the summer.

Yellow Rocks,
Joanne and Dale


What a wonderful May weekend we had at Stagecoach RV Park.
If you were unable to attend you missed a super time, and those of you who did come I am sure  will attest to that.
The weekend picnic theme not only brought some delicious food but it gave us the opportunity to spend so much time together.
Every meal and even the campfire circle (thanks for the neat little fire, Dale) which was held each night was certainly Gypsy togetherness.
The campsites were all close to the hall and offered nice grassy areas to gather.
The hall worked out beautifully and although we had just over two squares of ALL Gypsies,
it was voted to hold our campouts in March, April, May and October of 2010 there..
knowing we can accommodate not only all of our membership, but guests also.
Due to several other special events that weekend, we did not get the guests we hoped for, but next time??
Thank you to the Dunsworths and Gagnes for hosting,
and organizing the trip to Hobby Lobby which everyone enjoyed.
A big thanks also to Bill for all of the fun and interesting calling!

Jay and Teri have once again stepped forward and offered to act as permanent hosts,
(for the rest of your life Teri??? LOL) eliminating the problem of ever having to do without.
The also are open to volunteers to host weekends,
just let them know so they can plan accordingly.
Thank you Jay and Teri.
While we are thanking we would also like to thank my sister Judi Corbett for forwarding all of our emails, etc.
It is much appreciated to have such an efficient "secretary"..... and VP,
along with husband John.

On the somber side, Dale and I had a nice long visit with Luther and Debbie last Sunday.
His mindset is so upbeat; at times like this it is so good to be an optimist..and Luther certainly is.
He is coming along so well with his therapy
and is so determined to build all the upper body strength he can to help him when he goes home on about the 24th of this month.
At least prayers were answered and he was given an extra two weeks of therapy.
For those of you who did not receive the email from Debbie last week,
I will include an excerpt -  I need everyone  to pray now.
I am dealing with the insurance BCBS and they are wanting to send Luther home this Monday.
It is all about money with the insurance.  They do not care about anyone.
 He is not ready and lots to be done. Please pray !!!
He has a infection, the bedsores, still need rehab. Just so much to do still.!!!!
I need the Lord to help us to work things out for Luther to stay a little longer.
So please pray with me on this problem. It's got to be quick.
Monday will be here 3 days left only.!!
It will be hard on him as well as for myself. still need to get home ready for Luther.
Need to get item he will need to be able to come home.
Oh I am in need of answers, help and the Lord.
If there is anything anyone can tell me or help me. Please let me know.
But I am putting it in the Gods hand I know he is in control.
Thank you all for all the prayers.
Just keep praying.

Thank you for all the prayers offered, as you can see they worked and Luther is still there.
Dale and I were delegated to take Luther a gift from the Gypsy's
and while we were driving over decided that the best gift would be money to be used as needed.
A check for $50.00 was tucked into a nice card from all of us,
and the appreciation they expressed made us certain we made a good choice.
Thank you Gypsy treasury, and everyone please keep them in your prayers. 

Our next campout will be September 18-20 at Pacetti's with the Square Wheels.
Mark it on your calendar now so you can save that date and join us and 128 for a fun weekend.
Don't forget to check our website frequently for all of the latest information and just to stay in touch over the summer.
Something to think about and to plan for
"MAGIC MOMENTS IN FLORIDA", the 2010 International Camp-o-ree,
will be held in Orlando Florida July 20th, 21st and 22nd.
This is one campout all of the Gypsy's should attend in full force, ok?
See you in Lakeland Memorial Day weekend for the Florida State Square and Round Dance Convention.

Yellow Rocks,
Joanne and Dale


Get those RV's packed, May 1st, 2nd and 3rd are right around the corner.
This will be our first campout at Stagecoach RV Park in St. Augustine, let's make it a special one!
We have to wait until fall to camp together and we want some good memories to carry us through the summer.
Please call the park (904-824-2319) and reserve your campsite as soon as possible.
Tell them you are with the Gypsy Squares and you will receive the group rate.
They offer 30-amp service for $32.00 per night and $34.50 per night for 50 amp.
As I said before, this may be a bit above the cost of some of the other campgrounds,
but hopefully the dollars you save on gas will compensate for some of that.
Please check the website for directions to the campground,
which incidentally is just across the road from the Outlet Mall.

We heard through the grapevine that last month's camp-out was great.
The group was small but the enjoyment was large!
It was hosted by Karen and Gil (with the help of grandson Kevin).
He put just the right touches on the root beer floats served on Friday night.
The group enjoyed dinner out on Saturday
and the Sunday morning breakfast so graciously
held at the Gagne's campsite.
Thank you Karen and Gil.

We did get volunteers for May, Anne and Bill Dunsworth
and guess whom else......Karen and Gil! (I call that Gypsy dedication-thank you).
We will have after parties in the clubhouse on Friday and Saturday nights.
In addition to leftover snacks it will be BYOB and whatever else you would like to donate.
Karen is organizing a trip to Hobby Lobby
(a huge arts and crafts shop even the men enjoy) for Saturday morning,
and after her promoting this on Friday night you can decide if you would like to go along.
Anne is organizing a potluck supper for Saturday night
and we will have a picnic breakfast on Sunday morning to wind up the weekend.

So, talk it up, encourage your club dancers to attend
for at least one of the evenings as it is within driving distance of so many.
(Even John and Mo said they were going to get there for one of the days!!)
Get out those cookbooks and stir up something for the pot-luck...but most of all,
come and join your fellow Gypsies for another great weekend.

Yellow Rocks,
Joanne and Dale


Hi Gypsy's,
 we are sending this reminder to urge all of you to attend our campout next weekend,
April 3rd, 4th and 5th at Suwannee River Hideaway in Old Town.
We suggest you call ahead and reserve your campsite.
The telephone number is 352-542-7800.
Dale and I will not be there to share in all of the fun
as my daughter and family are arriving  for a short visit
and I do not want to miss a minute with them.
Vice Presidents Judi and John are entertaining her son and family on that weekend also
so guess what......there they will be
those 2 faithful Gypsy members, Jay and Teri, once again taking the reins for the weekend.
(and with no darn its either).
Make sure you all thank them for so graciously doing this!

The weekend at Pacetti's was great
the dancing, the weather and the grasshoppers on Saturday night really hit the spot.
(Our treasury once again was very good to us)
Friday night's dance, with over two squares of Gypsies present,
kicked off the social and dancing evening.
The afternoon workshop on Saturday had over three squares
dancing to Robert Padgett's calling with Bill mentoring and calling a few tips too.
30 plus people, many attending the dance at night,
enjoyed the potluck supper.
The successful weekend was topped off
by a casual breakfast in the gazebo hosted by the officers (and the club).
Rudi's bonfire added just the right ambience
even though the weather was warm
and we all hated to get back to the real world.
camping and dancing is such fun
we hope you are able to do it next weekend.

Just a reminder,
check our website for club info, it is updated regularly
The calendar posted  there will show that on May 1st, 2nd and 3rd
we will be trying a new campground in St. Augustine,
Stagecoach R.V. Park.
Please make an extra effort to attend,
as we would like as many as possible to check it out.
If anyone would like to volunteer to host the weekend,
that would be awesome!
Guess we won't see you until then,
but wish you a super weekend in Old Town.

Yellow Rocks,
Joanne and Dale


Hi Gypsy's,
We are sending this last minute reminder to make you all  aware of the importance of your presence at the camping weekends.
Pacettis  has always been a great campout with good attendance and we surely hope to
start off 2009 successfully.
JOIN US this Friday and Saturday and we will make it so!

There will be the usual casual dance on Friday night, dress as well as atmosphere.
We have lots of catching up to do as we have not camped as a  club since our wonderful Christmas party,
and hopefully you all are looking  forward to that togetherness once again.
Bring a snack to share on  Friday and we will offer something special after the dance????
I can't tell you what so we will be surprised also.
We do not have hosts for the weekend so the board will make it good!!

Saturday we are sponsoring a Plus Square Dance Workshop
with Bill calling  along with Robert Padgett.
It is a free workshop from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

We will follow this with our famous Covered Dish Dinner at 5:00,
followed by  the dance from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
So... whip up your special dish and help us host all of our guests.
The evening will conclude with our enjoyable  wine and cheese social.

Sunday morning breakfast (another surprise) from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m.
will  once again wind up another fun Gypsy campout.
Dale and I are looking  forward to seeing all of you in a square and socializing as well.
It would  be helpful in preparing all of the surprises if we knew you were coming.

We are looking for hosts for our weekends,
so please let us know what  works for you.

We have prepared our current roster.
We  will have these available as a print out at the campout,
along with our calendar.
I have also included the link
where the 2009 as well as the  2010 calendar is posted.
With all of that advance notice we surely hope you
get those dates marked in red and will be sure to attend all of the campouts!!

Yellow Rocks,
Joanne and Dale


Dale and I wish you all a Happy New Year.
We are looking forward to a fun camping, dancing year for the Gypsy's.
 We hope you are also and will get your calendars marked
with all the camping dates so you can plan far ahead.
A good attendance is what we are aiming for
and therefore we are including the calendar
for not only 2009, but for 2010 as well.
As you can see we have a good mix for 2009
(thank you Jay and Teri) and will try something different in 2010.
We have chosen to camp in St. Augustine at Stagecoach RV
for numerous weekends.
Hopefully dollars will be saved in gas money,
we will get visitors from the Jacksonville area
and perhaps a few other clubs nearby,
and the outlet malls will offer some great dollar saving bargains too.
We are camping there in May and feel you will be pleased with the facilities
then and look forward to returning in 2010.

The club had a super time at our Christmas Campout,
especially enjoyed the new clubhouse at Ocala RV
(the setting is so perfect for a Christmas weekend
that we have booked them for 2009 and 2010 also)

I don't think it was the beautiful kitchen
that made the delicious roast pork dinner so excellent....
it definitely was Jay and Teri, but it did help.
Thanks to them and to all of the volunteers,
and there were many...
like about everyone attending offering to help...
a true Gypsy Family Christmas!

The Chinese auction after dinner on Saturday was such fun,
and the comfortable couches and chairs beckoned us to stay on and visit,
which we did while enjoying wine and cheese.

The time spent together,
beginning with the hot dog roast on Friday night
right through the breakfast on Sunday morning
was a great way to begin the holidays.
We hope every one of you can attend next year!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Blue/Grey Festival in February.
We will camp with Bill's Square Wheels club
at Casey Jones RV Park in Lake City FL,
Exit 423 off of I-75, South on US 47.
(Rate is $24.53 per night for 30 amp and $2.00 more for 50 amp).
Please let Martha know if you are camping, she will make the arrangements.

 We are looking for hosts for our weekends,
beginning with March at Pacetti's,
so please let us know what works for you.

Our calendar for 2009 and 2010 is included here
and will be posted on our website at

We are also preparing a current roster,
which will be emailed to you and also will be available as a print out in conjunction with our calendar.
We will have these ready for the Blue/Grey dance.

Looking forward to great 2009 for the Gypsy Squares!

Yellow Rocks,
Joanne and Dale

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