Frank Habersberger
Veteran's Day Ceremony
November 11, 2017

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Frank Habersberger at 103 years young
The oldest Veteran in Attendance

What a day for my dad!
The veterans all walked in to the assembly together as the students all clapped.
The program was really nice and as each veteran’s name was called a student brought a card and stocking over.
When they announced dad and another gentleman as WWII veterans a lot of the other veterans stood and clapped.
After the assembly a lot of people came over to talk to him.
I mentioned he was 103 to one of the teachers and she made the students be quiet and announced it.
They all stood screaming and clapping.
Pictures were taken in the hallway and some of the students lined up on either side of the hallway as we were leaving shaking his hand and thanking him.
He also got hugs!
He was so so happy.

Marilyn Habersberger Peacher
Frank & Nan's Daughter

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