Florida Association of Single Square
And Round Dancers


The FASSRD organization resulted from a discussion at a Sunday Brunch concerning the problems of Single Square Dancers meeting other singles at Conventions, etc. Ann Goodemote (Orlando) hosted a breakfast at the Kahler Plaza Hotel on May 28, 1978 during the 25th Annual State Convention in Orlando. Most of those attending became the founding members of what is now known as FASSRD; (Florida Single, Square and Round Dancers). Bill Deason (Cocoa) was elected as our first President, Green and White was to be our colors and Natalie Taylor (Orlando) designed the badge with #1 as our symbol. We decided that those joining before September 24, 1978 would be considered as Charter Members. Everyone went back to their own groups and began recruiting members for this new Association.

In 1979, Chuck Johnson became our 2nd President. With the assistance of Vice President, Ross Alexander (St. Petersburg), and Committee the first Convention was held at Howard Johnson's in Orlando in October, 1979. At this time Millie Bullock (Orlando) presented FASSRD with a beautiful banner which she had designed and made. The Convention was a huge success!

Each year a Convention has been held in a different city in Florida and all have been very special.

In August of 1984 FASSRD hosted the 14th Annual SSDUSA Dance-A-Rama held at the Sheraton Twin Towers, Orlando.

Beulah Hatchett (Orlando) designed our FASSRD attire, which we wore for the first time at this SSDUSA Dance-A-Rama National Convention.

Fred McKenzie (Titusville) has been our unofficial photographer and has generously supplied us with hundreds of pictures for our scrapbooks.

Yellow Rocks to all officers and committee persons who have served us faithfully and enthusiastically over the years - A Million Thanks to our wonderful Callers and Cuers who have always Set the stage for a joyous and delightful time. To everyone that has helped in hundreds of ways to make FASSRD a reality - THANK YOU! Let us hope that the next 10 YEARS will bring as much interest and joy. Happy Dancing.

Respectfully Submitted,
Harriet Young, Historian


Spring 1979

Our First FASSRD Convention

Bill Deason, our wonderful first president, had worked very diligently to get FASSRD off to a good start.  Every Single's Club in Florida had been contacted and we had gained many members. 

However, Bill's year was son up and he had been unable to find a replacement.  The dues that had been collected ($1.00 per year) had long been spent for postage an printing of the newsletter.  After a long discussion, Bill thought it best to give up.  Very sad news, indeed. 

Shortly after this, Chuck Johnson came up to me at the Orlando Singles and said "I hear you are looking for a new president for FASSRD and I'd be willing to take the job."  Wow!  What good news that was!  We then held our meeting at the Florida State Convention, May 1979, and a slate of new officers was elected. 

Next Chuck announced we would hold our 1st Convention in the Fall in spite of the fact we had no recourses.  That did not discourage Chuck one bit.  His enthusiasm was contagious.  Not only was FASSRD going to survive, but plans were soon in place for the 1st Convention.  One of the members loaned the funds - Howard Johnsons gave the best deal. "All Hands were on Deck!"  Asking for donations became routine.  We could not believe the generosity of local businesses.

At the After Party we served McDonalds's punch from cups that came from every other source including Delta Airlines.  A member supplied the pop corn machine and goodies came from a local bakery including a beautiful cake which was the centerpiece for the table.  Skits were hilarious.  Dancing was wild.  Lasting friendships were made and it was a joyous occasion for everyone attending.

Yellow Rocks to Chuck for giving us this gift.  He taught us all that much could be accomplished with a goal and a purpose.

Happy Dancing to all!  May the 25th be fabulous.

Respectfully submitted
Harriet Young - Former Member

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