Florida Association
of Single Square
and Round Dancers
By-Laws of FASSRD


Section 1

The name of this Non-Profit Organization shall be "Florida Association of Single Square and Round Dancers, Inc." hereinafter referred to as FASSRD.


Section 1

FASSRD was established in order to promote and stimulate fellowship and  interest in square and round dancing among unmarried adults of all ages throughout Florida.

Section 2

Furnish a quarterly newsletter for all members giving details of single square and round dance activities.

Section 3

Promote and oversee an annual festival.

  1. The annual festival of the Organization shall be called "Single-Rama".

  2. The purpose of the "Single-Rama" shall be to promote square and round dancing among unmarried persons providing fellowship. The annual meetingshal1 be held at the Single-Rama on Saturday and will be the time for nomination and election of the Organization's officers  along with any other business necessary

  3. The Single-Rama shall be held in October with the specific date at the discretion of the Board   as facilities and availability thereof allows, commencing Friday afternoon and ending Saturday evening or Sunday morning as the program permits.

  4. The Board shall host the annual Single-Rama.  All proceeds shall go to FASSRD.

  5. The Board of Directors of FASSRD reserves the right to request an audit.

Colors, Logo, Badge, Emblem & Costume

Section 1

The colors of the Organization are holly green and white


Section 2

The logo of the Organization is a large "1" with the letters "FASSRD" in-a vertical position, white lettering on green.

Section 3

The badge of the Organization is white with the name, city and state in green. Further, the FASSRD logo attached on the left.


Section 1

  1. Any single square dancer who is 18 or older and has graduated from a square or round dance class may become member of the Organization by paying the stipulated membership fee.

  2. Members who get married may remain members along with their spouses and will be considered "associate members". They must continue pay the membership fee to be considered members of the Organization.  Associate members cannot hold office and are not eligible to vote.

  3. FASSRD members who marry while still a member can continue to maintain their membership.

  4. Married dancers with non-dancing spouses  may become members of the organization by paying their stipulated membership fee.

Section 2

Membership shall not be limited by race, sex or creed.

Section 3

The membership fee shall be set by the Board of Directors and shall be due concurrently with the Single-Rama each year. All unmarried dancers living in Florida and attending the Single-Rama must include the annual FASSRD membership fees in their registration.

Section 4

Only current members are entitled to vote at the FASSRD Meeting, including the annual meeting.


Section 1

Officers of the organization shall be:

  1. President

  2. Vice-President

  3. Secretary

  4. Treasurer

  5. Past President

  6. Area Coordinators: Northeast, Northwest, Central, Southeast and West Coast

Section 2

Terms of office shall be one year beginning on Saturday evening at Single-Rama after installation of officers.  However, officers may serve in the same office for more than one consecutive term by quorum membership vote.

Section 3

The Board of Directors shall consist of all current officers and all past presidents.  Past presidents shall have voice but no vote at Board of Directors meetings.

Section 4

All Past presidents shall be given a hang bar showing their office.

Duties of the Board of Directors

Section 1

Duties of the President

  1. Preside at all meetings

  2. Decide all questions of order, subject to appeal to this decision..

  3. Appoint advisory officers or committees as required (i.e. Membership Chairperson, Area Coordinators, Historian, Publicity Chairperson, Nominating Committee and Chairperson).

  4. Perform such other duties as the Board shall deem necessary in compliance with the By-Laws of the Organization.

  5. Shall be in charge of the quarterly newsletter publication in conjunction with the Secretary.

  6. Shall appoint members to fill vacant offices

  7. Shall be in charge of the Fuzzy Navel dance when it becomes Florida's turn to host.

  8. Oversee the annual Single-Rama

Section 2

Duties of the Vice-President

  1. Render assistance to the President.

  2. In the absence of the President, shall preside at meetings and perform the duties of the office of the President.

  3. Fill the vacancy of President if that officers resigns.

  4. Assume office of President at the next election.

  5. Be responsible for all preparations for the following year relative to the annual meetings to be held at the Sunshine Festival and the State Convention.

Section 3

Duties of the Secretary

  1. Shall keep a correct record of the business and shall attend to all correspondence of the Organization.

  2. Shall assist the President in the publication of the quarterly newsletter.

  3. Shall inform officers of Board Meetings

Section 4

Duties of the Treasurer

  1. The Treasurer shall be bonded. The cost of which shall be paid by the Organization.

  2. Shall have custody and control of all monies belonging to the Organization and shall keep an accurate account of all funds received and disbursed.

  3. Shall co-sign all checks and drafts after which time shall obtain signature of the President.

  4. Issue a statement quarterly to the Board listing all receipts and expenditures.  The statement shall be issued on the first day of December, March, June and at the close of the business year (the annual Single-Rama). A report shall be published in the first newsletter of the Organization after Single-Rama.

Section 5

Duties of the Immediate Past President

  1. Shall, in the absence of the President and Vice-President, preside and perform the duties of the office of President and render such assistance as may be required.

  2. Shall, in the case of the vacancy in the office of both the President and Vice-President, assume the office of President and serve as such until the next regular election and installation of successor.

Section 6

Duties of the Historian

  1. Shall keep a record of the history of the Organization using copies of newsletters, photos, Single-Rams memorabilia, special event, etc.

Section 8

Duties of the Auditing Committee

  1. To examine the books and records of the Treasurer and certify their accuracy.  Said Certification shall be accomplished prior to the installation of the newly elected Treasurer.

Nominations and Elections

Section 1

The President shall appoint a nominating committee and chairperson at least three months prior to the annual meeting. The chairperson of this committee shall be a Past President and shall preside over the election of officers immediately after the Grand march on Saturday evening.  Nominees for president, vice president, secretary and treasurer must have been a member of the organization for at least one year.

Section 2

Nominations of the candidates for office shall take place at the regular annual meeting on Saturday at Single-Rama.

Section 3

Acceptance of nomination is required either in person at the time of nomination or by previous written document.

Section 4

A hang bar indicating office shall be given to each officer and committee member.

Section 5

The election of officers shall be by a show of hands at the close of nominations.

Section 6

No member shall be eligible to hold more than one office in the Organization at any one time.

Section 7

The outgoing Officers are responsible to relinquish all pertinent records to the incoming Officers within 45 days of the change of office.

Dissolution of the Organization

Section 1

Upon dissolution of this Organization, the total liquidated assets shall pass to the Single Square Dancer USA®  (SSDUSA).

Changes to the By-Laws

Section 1

Proposed changes for the purpose of amending or rescinding these by-laws or of substituting new by-laws must be submitted in writing to the president and published in one of the quarterly newsletters and voted on at the annual meeting of Single-Rama when a majority of votes cast will be necessary to accomplish the change(s).

Parliamentary Authority

Section 1

Roberts Rule of Order, in its most recent revision, shall be the authority of parliamentary procedure and shall apply in all cases not specifically provided for in these by-laws.


Revised: October 26, 2002

Revised: October 2010

Revised: October 15, 2011

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