59th Florida State Convention
May 27, 2012

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Paul & Cheryl Miller
59th Florida State Square & Round Dance Convention
General Chairman

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The whole Kick-Off party

The West Coast Association Bunch

The Central Association Bunch

The Southeast Association Bunch

The Northwest Association Bunch

The Northeast Association

The kids are ready for the beach

Millie, the mascot, all dressed
and ready to enjoy the beach

Paul Miller
Giving instructions to George Garich & Ida Guthrie

After Paul leaves
They say that they don't care what he wants we are doing it our way!

Getting the beach toys ready for fun in the sun

The beach party begins

The Lifeguard comes first
So that he can make sure the beach is safe
That is if he can leave the ladies alone!

Cheryl Miller is next

Paul pulls Cheryl in the wagon
I guess she gave up on the skate board

Charlie Newsome (The Lifeguard)
Helping the ladies with their sunbathing!
Out for a leisurely stroll on the beach Of course you always have the treasure hunter

The kids have found their spot

Everyone enjoying the beach

Don Slocum & Sara Beth Pergrossi
Enjoying the beach party

Sara Beth Pergrossi cuts a mean rug

Charlie Newsome
The ever diligent lifeguard

The Florida Boys get the party rolling
Bobby Keefe, Sam Dunn, Ernie Rollen & Bob Poyner Of course Sara Beth has to join them!

Let the dancing begin
Suzie Moon, winner of the "Sand Pail"
filled with gold sand dollars"
with Cheryl Miller - General Chairman

Bill Chesnut
Larger than life

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