logo Florida Federation of Square Dancers

55th Florida State Convention
Trail End Dance
May 22 - 24, 2009

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Randy & Carol Poole
General Chairman

Bruce & Colleen Morgan
Assistant General Chairman

Signing of the Convention Center Contract

Jim & Jan McConnaha
with Brenda Townsend
The Lakeland Center

First Kick-Off Practice

Whit directs the show

Sunday Morning Kick off Practice
7:00 am, May 25, 2008
The dancers take their instructions seriously
Jack Hoffman and Bruce Morgan
round up the prisoners

Sunday, May 25, 2008
Getting dressed for the real thing! Whit kicks off the Kick-Off The dancers strut their stuff
The prisoners dance with the crowd
Elvis (Ernie Rollen) closes the Kick-Off Elvis is in the building
Ernie Rollen
Ailene Picheco
gives Elvis a "helping hand"
  Randy, Carol & Whit
are relieved that the Kick-off is over!!!

Ribbon Sales prior to the Convention 
Northeast Fall Festival
Jan & Jim McConnaha, Becky Cole,
Barbara Hoffman and Shirley Knapp
Northeast Fall Festival
Barbara Hoffman, Terri Little
and Jan & Jim McConnaha
Northeast Fall Festival
John & Becky Cole
Hollywood Squares Snowflake Frolic
Boynton Beach
Val & Charlie Newsome
and Jim & Jan McConnaha
Snowflake Frolic
Boynton Beach
Carol & Randy Poole
Randy loves this job!!
Snowflake Frolic
Boynton Beach
Carol Poole
promoting the convention
Snowflake Frolic
Boynton Beach
Charlie & Val Newsome manning the table
Randy Poole - the salesman
Knothead Konvention
Eau Gallie Civic Center
Federation Working Weekend
Stardust Center
Plant City
Federation Working Weekend
Stardust Center
Plant City
Jan McConnaha
CFA 5th Saturday Dance
The Villages
Liz Garrett & Mary Kinzer
Ailene Picheco
Selling quilt raffle tickets
Party Weekend
Setting up for Friday night potluck
Party Weekend
waiting for the food
Party Weekend
meeting & greeting old friends
Party Weekend
Potluck is finally ready
Party Weekend
Dick Lee - First in line
Party Weekend
Joyce Billings & Liz Garrett
Making sure we have enough coffee
Party Weekend
The end of the line - is there any food left!
Party Weekend
Colleen Morgan - Our Bingo MC

Party Weekend
Making sure all the balls are in place

Party Weekend
Paul & Cheryl Miller and Terri & Tim Wilaby
waiting for that winning number

Party Weekend
Setting up for Saturday afternoon lunch
Shirley & Dave Nihart
and Charlie & Val Newsome

Party Weekend
Keeping the kitchen clean
and ready for the next meal
Ian Ogilvie & Barbara Hoffman

Party Weekend
Making sure the serving line is clean
Barbara Hoffman, Sandy Ogilvie,
Carol Poole and Colleen Morgan

Party Weekend
Someone said that this was
Randy & Carol's bedroom for the weekend

Party Weekend
playing games and relaxing
Saturday afternoon

Party Weekend
Cooking pork and chicken for
Saturday night feast

Party Weekend
The master chef, Wayne Norwood
and his assistant, Bobby Becker

Trail End Dance
Strawberry Square
Plant City

Whit Brown - Caller Chairman
Gets the party going for the Square Dancers

Barbara & Jack Hoffman, Carol &
Randy Poole, Colleen & Bruce Morgan,
Loretta & Don Hanhurst
and Dee & Whit Brown

Bev Landwehr - Cuer Chairman
Continues the party for the Round Dancers

Friday, May 22, 2009
Move in day

Randy Poole - General Chairman
Checking into the Hotel
Let's get this over with!

Ailene Picheco, Carol Poole and Jack Hoffman
Unloading the car

Colleen Morgan, Bruce Morgan
and Ailene Picheco
Carrying supplies into the Convention Center

Jack Hoffman, Bruce Morgan
and Barbara Hoffman
trying to figure out where these go

Roland Morin
One cart at a time

George Knapp
Signs and Banner Chairman
making sure all the signs are spelled correctly

Ailene Picheco & Carol Poole
Sewing on the poodle decorations

Why does Carol Poole get all the dirty work?

And Randy Poole has all the fun!!
A four foot record player
It even rotated

Whit Brown, along with Randy & Carol Poole
and Roland Morin get the party rolling

Posting of the colors 

The Grand March
Led by the Federation Board
Elsa & Ray Elsa Huddleston - Vice President
Val & Charlie Newsome - Secretary
Barbara & Jack Hoffman - Parliamentarian
Maria & Bob Spence - Treasurer
Cheryl & Paul Miller - President

The first square dance

The first round dance

Ailene Picheco all decked out for the dance
Bruce & Colleen Morgan
Presenting Randy & Carol Poole
A thank you give from the 55th Convention Committee
An insulated pitcher and glasses set with the Convention Logo
Carol & Randy Poole
Passing the Square Dance Couple
to Anita & Bud Taylor
Chairman for the 2010 Convention

After Party
Plenty of Food and Drink
You know how square & round dancers love to party

Pizza, Pizza & more Pizza
Linda Moring & Jack McKinney
Start things off

Lisa & John Wall
and Laura & Gayle Boak
Get their fair share

Val Newsome & Rod Reimer
Restocking the table

Webmaster Bruce Morgan