Last Dance
May 9, 2015

Bay Area Twirlers
Brandon Center
Biker Bash
Rod Barngrover - caller
Charlie & Leona Lovelace - cuer

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  Callers & Cuers
Jack & Nell Jenkins - Emma Jean Smith - Patricia Fuller-Gardner
Ron & Sue Reardon - Martha & Art Springer - Pauline & Phil Harris
Rosie & Allen Snell - Betsy & Carl Rod - Rod Barngrover
Leone & Charlie Lovelace - & ? Sorry

Officers 2015
President - Patti Wilkerson : Treasurer - Betty & Dick Stevens
Secretary - Nancy & John Smik
Asst. Treasurer - Linda & Chuck Roberts

 2015 Members
John Occhipinti - Jo Santoro - Allen & Rosie Snell
Rosemary & Bill Lacovara

Visiting Past Members: Sorry about no names

Patti Wilkerson - Chuck Roberts
Ron Barngrover (caller) - Leona & Charlie Lovelace (Cuer)

Members  and past members
Line up to show what position they held in the club
Members and past members
Members and past members
Patricia Fuller-Gardner & Emma Jean Smith - You all know to Charlie Lovelace & Ron Barngrover

West Coast Members & Officers

Buttons & Bows

Temple Twirlers

Dick & Betty Stevens

John& Nancy Smik

Carol Wagner

Nancy Smik - Trish Wells

Rosemary & Bill Lacovara

Ray O'Haver & Shirley Cook

Rodney & Jimmie Rudd

Penny & John Voissem

Jo Santoro
Thank you all
Closing The Bay Area Twirlers
Putting the banner away
By the Officers
Closing The Bay Area Twirlers
Putting the banner away
By the Officers

Pictures provided by
John Occhipinti & Yolanda Trainor

The History of BATS

In 1963 the graduating class of Caller, Sketter Clauvin, agreed to keep dancing as a club.  The name Bay Area Twirlers was chosen and the emblem for the badge was selected as a BOT with boots. (The B-A-T being the acronym for Bay Area Twirlers and the boots to symbolize Western Square Dancing).

Of the graduates, about 8 couples formed the club and remained dancing quite faithfully for some time.  Among these were Ron and Mary Lee VanValkenburg, Eddie and Roberta Fernandez, Harley and Norma Johnson, William "Pink" and Jean Edgens, Jim and Martha Riordan, Riley and Della Tucker, George and Nada Carter, Vern and Darlene Jenkins and Clyde and Hazel Thunderburk.  The original class was held at Winston park Recreation Center and the club continued there for several months before moving to Grant Park.  The dances were held twice a month on Friday nights and J.P. Jett became the caller.   In early 1965 the club moved to the North Boulevard Recreation Center, later renamed Barksdale Recreation Center and changed the dance nights to the second and fourth Saturdays of each month.  Guest callers were used for several months then Bob Arnold was hired.  Callers following him were Art Springer, Tom Bush and Jack Harris.  Jack Harris called until November 1976.   The club used guest callers again until Doc Gray was hired in 1977.  Doc called for the BATS for fifteen years.  Jim Briggs called next with BOb Christian following him.  In 1997/98 Carl Rod was hired and remained until 2004.

In 1998 the BATS made the bold decision to move the club from Tampa to the new Brandon Community Center on Sadie Street in Brandon, FL.  The original club with sixteen members had grown into one of the foremost square dance clubs in the Tampa Bay area.

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