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Florida Association of
National Square
Dance Campers


We are part of the National Square Dance Campers Association
and our organization is based in Florida.
A number of clubs joined together to form the Florida Chapter of NSDCA.
There is no shortage of clubs or events in Florida.
We've lots of activities and meet often - all over the state - to camp and dance.

All dancers are welcome to any of our dances or dancing events.
Won't you join us? Check out the events page.

Combine the best of both worlds and join a
Square Dance Camper Club

There are 7 National Square Dance Camper clubs throughout Florida
There is a chapter near you!

For a printable copy of this flyer please click here.

For a video of a previous year's Spring Fling please view the video below

To view the video please click here

If you are interested in having a good time square and round dancing
with friends while camping, contact one of the following:

Tim HIll & Angela Brown
Don & Sherry MacGregor
Roger Tipps