Square Dance Caller & Cuer
John & Gail Swindle


Celebrating 55 Years of
Square Dancing

Port Orange Adult Center
4790 S. Ridgewood Ave.
Port Orange, FL 32127

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The Dixie Squares,
55+ years of Square Dance service.
We had a great time
with great callers, cuers and dancers.
We maybe gone for now but not forgotten.
If you have any great Dixie memories
please Email Kenly with them.
The members are still dancing
and maybe someday we can unite again
but for now let's all keep the clubs going that are out there.
Yellow Rocks to all
The Dixie Squares Square and Round Dance Club
Port Orange, FL

President - Kenly and Alice Spilman

Vice-Presidents - Paul & Joy Barnes

Secretary -  Terry & Terry Waibel

Treasurers - Kenly and Alice Spilman

Banner Chairman - Mary Lynn Hastings

Board Members - Andy & Malinda Rawls

Plus dancing from 7:30 until 9:30



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