64th Florida State
Square & Round Dance Convention

Advance Registration

June 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017
Full Convention - $40.00
Weekender* - $32.00
Single Day - $25.00

January 1, 2018 through Convention Dates
Full Convention - $45.00
Weekender* - $35.00
Single Day - $25.00

Above prices are PER PERSON
(Tax Included)
Registrations received after
February 1, 2018
Will need to be picked up at the Registration Booth

Cancellation Deadline - February22, 2018
Service Charge for N.S.F. or Returned Checks $35.00

Spectator Tickets - Free - Pick up At The Convention Box Office

New for 2018: Dance Passports

Each 2018 ribbon will come with a "Dance Passport." Bring it to every dance you
attend, and have it dated and initialed each time. Bring it to the Convention, and
we will award prizes for the most clubs visited, the most days danced, and a
random drawing from all passports received. If you are unable to attend in 2018,
you may get a passport for a $5 donation. This will support the convention, and
make you eligible for the prize drawing. We will also keep in touch with monthly
email updates. If you do not attend the Convention, mail your passport to the
following address no later than Feb. 15, or send it with a friend.

Dennis Taylor, Reg. Chairman
215 Carib Dr.
Merritt Island, FL 32952

Hotel and Motel Information
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