Clay Allemanders
Middleburg United Methodist Church
Family Life Center
3925 Main Street
Middleburg, FL

We are a Mainstream and Announced Plus Club
We dance Monday evenings
8:00 - 9:30 PM

Beginner Class Lessons
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

We graduate two classes per year
(For information regarding the start up dates for class, please feel free to contact us)

Clay Allemanders … Got a new Home!


On May 22, The Clay Allemanders held their first home dance in their new hall with a great new caller, Shane Perez, and his father, Ken, as co-caller.  This new hall has better acoustics and a larger dance floor.

On our first night in the new hall we elected our Presidents, Bill & Paula Dion, and Vice Presidents, Asoa Whiting & Irene Strickland. We also had a surprise visit from caller, Ernie Rollen, who helped call a tip with Shane and Ken.

Thanks to Asoa Whiting, long time dancer and Clay member, who reached out to his own church, and Voila!  He made arrangements for the Clay Allemanders to continue their weekly Monday home dances.

We will continue to dance on Monday evenings throughout the summer!

Many of you may remember a very nice 5th Saturday Dance at this same hall a year ago.  Along with floor space for as many as 10 -12 squares comes really nice round tables and soft cushioned chairs.  The hall has a real nice stage along with an ice machine and limited use of the kitchen.

Says Bill Dion, President of Clay Allemanders, “We are well on our way”! 

We now need to grow our club as we are the only open Square Dancing Club in Clay County!  As we continue working with our callers, Shane and Ken, we are putting together some recruiting events in the community to not only grow our club but promote Square Dancing in general.

Expect a couple major events from the Allemanders!  Come and dance, have great fun,  and check out our hall!  Remember to bring your passports when you come to visit!

First event will be a Flag Day Dangle Dance on Monday June 19th to help celebrate Flag Day and our great Nation’s Flag.  Start up time will be 8 PM.   Those visitors coming will be able to order a “one time only” unique dangle!

The second event, our Patriotic Dance, is set for Monday July 3rd, at 8 PM… we will celebrate the upcoming 4th with a feast on good old American food… Tube Steaks!!! 

Stay tuned for news on future Clay Allemander events and be sure to like and follow our Facebook page for updates.


Shane Perez
(904) 263-2791

Ken Perez
(904) 263-2791

This is a great father and son team.
Ken, the father and our co-caller, has been calling for over thirty years.
His son Shane, our main caller, got into the game when he was a very young boy,
learning from his dad.  We are blessed to have these guys.

Along with our great new callers comes as welcomed,
Susie Kirby, close friend of Shane and Joan Perez, wife of Ken.
Both ladies have agreed to support their callers as well as the Club
by greeting at the door caring for the finances
as well as great overall support to the entire Club....


Debbie & Wayne Miller
Alternate Contact:

Paula & Bill Dion


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