Buttons & Bows
Square & Round Dance Club
Lakeland, FL

Second & Fourth Tuesdays
7:00 PDR
7:30 - 9:30 P.M. - Alternating Mainstream and Plus

Chuck Smith

Vice President:
Phil Harris

Jim Meier

Tom Stewart

Asst. Secretary:
Jen Ingram

Banner Co-Chairs:
Trucy Rogers

Fran Shoots

Immediate Past President
Stuart Hall

Magnolia Building
702 E. Orange Street
Lakeland, FL 33801

The year was 1952. A small group of people met at a church to learn to square dance. Word got around. The group grew larger and "Buttons & Bows" was started.

We are one of the oldest continuously operating, not-for-profit square dance clubs in the State of Florida. We are a "member-run club" and are led by duly elected officers and a Board of Directors.

In April 2011 Hampton Promenaders of Auburndale merged with Buttons & Bows in an effort to keep both groups dancing.

Known for our hospitality and superb callers and cuers, we are the place to dance!  You will find us at the Magnolia Building, 702 E. Orange Street, Lakeland, FL on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of each month..

We not only dance; we have about six special events a year. Our events include dinner theaters, day trips to see Florida, an annual picnic, a mystery trip, etc. We not only enjoy dancing, we are an extended family offering support and comfort to our members in times of need..

For class information contact
Penny Green
863-224-3393   sqdncfan@gmail.com

Date Theme Caller Cuer
December 12, 2017   Andy Allemao Charlie Lovelace
December 19, 2017
(Not a 4th Tuesday)
Christmas Dance Ron Libby* Charlie Lovelace
January 9, 2018   Don Bachelder* Charlie Lovelace
January 23, 2018 66th Anniversary Bob Asp* Charlie Lovelace
February 13 2018 Valentine's Dancee Ed Foote Charlie Lovelace
February 27, 2018   Ron Libby* Charlie Lovelace
March 13, 2018 St. Patrick's Day Dance Ron Reardon Charlie Lovelace
March 27, 2018   Curt Braffet Charlie Lovelace
April 10, 2018 Pie Night Gary Bubel Charlie Lovelace
April 24, 2018   John Swindle Charlie Lovelace
May 8, 2018 Ice Cream Social Bob Stern* Charlie Lovelace
May 22, 2018   Dave Muller Charlie Lovelace
June 12, 2018   Bob Ormsbee Charlie Lovelace
June 26, 2018   Keith Stevens Charlie Lovelace
July 10, 2018   Marty Vanwart Charlie Lovelace
July 24, 2018   Bill Boyd Charlie Lovelace
August 14, 2018   Bob Ormsbee Charlie Lovelace
August 28, 2018   Dave Muller Charlie Lovelace
September 11, 2018 Football Kickoff John Swindle Charlie Lovelace
September 25, 2018   Ron Reardon Charlie Lovelace
October 9, 2018 Hobo Stew Dance Bob Stern* Charlie Lovelace
October 23, 2018   Bill Boyd Charlie Lovelace
November 13, 2018   Keith Stevens Charlie Lovelace
November 27, 2018 Fall Harvest Bill Boyd Charlie Lovelace
December 11, 2018   Ron Libby Charlie Lovelace
December 18, 2018
(Not a 4th Tuesday)
Christmas Dance Greg Jonesy* Charlie Lovelace

*Special ticket price
$7 per person for guests; $6 per person for members