Editorial Comment

A goal without a plan is just a wish. I wish my club would grow. I wish we had more members. I wish, I wish, I wish. OK so what are you doing about the problem? Or is it a problem? Are you happy dancing with just those dancers you know? Do you welcome new dancers with enthusiasm? Do you ask new dancers to dance in your square? Do you invite new dancers to participate in any club activities? Do you ask the new dancers to attend festivals and Conventions? More importantly do you stay with them most of the time to help reassure them and increase their comfort levels? I wish our club would grow. We do not advertise, we tried it in the past and it didn’t work. We don’t do demos, we tried those in the past and it didn’t work. We don’t hand out advertising flyers, we tried it and it didn’t work. We don’t ask our friends, acquaintances or members of our clubs and organizations, we tried it and it didn’t work. I wish our club would grow. I don’t like it when the caller starts the music and I have to be the first one up. I just don’t understand why the caller keeps asking dancers to get up and dance, maybe we just want to listen to the music. I wish our club would grow. I find it hard to understand why dancers get frustrated when we are putting tables and chairs away during the last tip. We don’t make that much noise and we barely enter the dance area. Aren’t they in a hurry to leave? Why stop after the dance and chit-chat or even dare to suggest going out for coffee for more time together. Isn’t having to dance with you enough? I wish our club would grow. Many times I say, look in the mirror. Is your club acting like it wants new dancers? Are you and your club members enthusiastic? Do you get up to dance when the music starts? Do you quickly invite other to join with you? Smile, have fun, make the fun contagious. Above all, don’t ask a friend to come to a square dance with you, BRING THEM! Not only bring them, dance with them, introduce them to fellow club members, even introduce them to your snack table if you have one and invite them to our State Convention. And after our Florida State Square & Round Dance Festival is over, remember our National Square Dance Convention. We will see you in Cincinnati for the National Square Dance Convention.

Bill Boyd, Editor