Editorial Comment

I have always considered this one of my more interesting editorials. We “had” a great time at the Florida Square and Round Dance Convention. Of course as all my readers know this column is written in advance so, “how do I know?”. I have yet to attend a festival or convention where I failed to thoroughly enjoy myself. I go with the expectation of having fun. I go expecting that somewhere along the way problems may arise – so what. In everything we do, nothing is perfect. There are those who choose to “go with the flow” and those who can find fault with anything. I choose to have fun. Our state convention draws some of the greatest talent in the world. We have Callers and Cuers who have called all over the world. We tend to forget (because they are from Florida and we hear them often) just how skilled our Florida Callers are at their craft. Our conventions are inexpensive, fun and there are many after parties. We get to see old and new friends, dance with new couples and different squares. We get to choose our dance programs from Fun, Mainstream, Plus and Advanced. We get to Round Dance at many different levels. How can we not have fun.

Speaking of fun. Now that we have completed our convention, how about the National Square and Round Dance Convention in Cincinnati this June. We already have about one hundred Florida Dancers registered. Visit us at the American Square Dance booth in the vendor area.

On to next year. Next year our Annual State Convention will be in Daytona Beach Florida. The convention will be held in February. Linda and Lewis are working hard to make this a success. It is early enough so “snow birds” will still be here and we will be dancing on wood floors. Register early, invite your friends and if you have non dancing friends, invite them as there will be a blast class to introduce them to our square dance world. We will see you in Cincinnati and we will see you next February in Daytona. We hope to see many of you in a square soon.

Bill Boyd, Editor