The International Square Dance Magazine


As of June 30 there were 1225 dancers for the 67th National Square Dance Convention in Kansas City, Missouri. WOW! If we can average 1225 from the start of last year’s convention and register 1225 in less than one week, what can we do for the rest of the year? Optimistic, maybe but just think if we could average that number once a month for the entire year. Kansas is going all out to insure a fantastic dance time, great restaurants, tours, after parties and many more surprises to insure everyone enjoys the dancing experience. Did you attend this year? When you register for Kansas City, Bring a couple of friends along. 

Speaking of Conventions, does your state have any festivals or conventions? Have you attended? All festivals and conventions are great ways to meet new dance friends from other clubs, other cities, other states and even other countries. Most all announce programs for attendees. Main Stream, Plus, Advanced, All Position, etc. All will name the Caller and or Cuers programmed, and all can be fun. Take the fun you have at your local club and share it with the world. AND, we will see you in Kansas City, Missouri.

At the National Convention this year, several callers asked me about writing or having someone write some basic choreography for new dancers that is easy to call and teach. While there are many sources for this I will start it off in this edition. More difficult for me is someone asked me to include some of my teaching sequence and reasoning for using a different system from Callerlab. Callerlab produces a great guideline for a teaching system and it works. Every individual has a different personality, has different vocabulary, has a different teaching style and new dancers are different every class. I say study the Callerlab method, do some research (H. Orlo Hoadley’s Callers Guidebook to complete Choreography is a great resource), and most of all, fit it into your personality.

In this issue is a registration form for the Kansas City Convention. Fill it out and send it in, it is never too early.

See you in a square.  

Fun set to music!