The International Square Dance Magazine


I just left the CALLERLAB Convention and one of the sessions was on “Dancing to the Music”. I have noticed many of the publications both American and Foreign have also addressed this subject. I would like to be able to select a single book or Square Dance publication so I could give credit, but several of us (myself included) have commented on this subject several times over the past year. 

A friend of mine, and caller, Whit Brown always emphasizes that what we do is called Square Dancing, not Square Walking. When he and several other callers do is strive to teach dancers to use the music.

How many times have we seen dancers not take the full 32 beats of music to complete the Grand Square. I have seen this call completed in as few as 20 to 24 steps. Then the dancers have to stand and wait while everyone else completes the call correctly. Even worse, I have watched as some callers are watching only that square and as a result makes the next call too soon and this can lead to confusion and possible break down on the dance floor. Remember when we first learned to dance and the caller would say “Listen to the music, shuffle your feet to the rhythm of the music, hear that shuffle on the floor.” Let us all see if we can regain this timing and dance to the music.

Just a random thought. How many times have you executed the call Wheel Around from a promenade and been at an angle to the wall instead of square to a wall? Why not think about on the ensuing one or two calls to line up the square to a wall? For example if the next call is Pass Thru and Bend the line this is a great opportunity to again square yourselves with the walls and make it easier to recognize your formation and maintain good spacing between squares on the floor.

Discuss some of these things with your caller and he or she can help you and in return you may have a more joyful dancing experience.

One last comment. Support our National Square Dance Convention. This event serves as an opportunity to dance what we have learned and join with thousands of like-minded dancers and people who know how to enjoy life. Hope to see you in Springfield!

Fun set to music!