The International Square Dance Magazine


Wow! We are approaching one of my favorite times of the year. Spring is in the air and the Iowa National Square & Round Dance Convention is around the corner. If you have not already made plans for you, your partner or even your club to attend, there is still time. Every day is a holiday when your square dancing and it continues after the dance with after parties, association parties, general get togethers and just chatting with old and new friends. I recall several dancers attending when they could not even dance. They talked about what a great time they had just renewing old acquaintances and making even more new friends. This is what Square and Round Dancing is all about. Having fun, making friends and visiting new places. Des Moines, Iowa, will be the place to be next June and I truly wish to see many of you there. For those dancers who have never attended a national convention, I would like to take this time to mention that many of the Callers you will have a chance to dance to (and with) are nationally known callers. There will be several local callers, cuers and prompters as well. We will have the fortunate experience of dancing to some of the best callers in the world. Some of these are travelling callers, some were travelling callers having called on the world wide stage and are now retired, and some are just darn good callers. The Callerlab and ACA work hard to assure that each caller assigned will meet or exceed your expectations. Let me mention your Round Dance Cuers. Your cuers are not only some of the best cuers in the world, in many cases they have traveled around teaching other cuers. They will be teaching a few new dances and, who knows, maybe a different rhythm or two. I know some dancers who attend National Conventions just for the round dancing. And donít forget the contra. Whatever your reason for attending I look forward to seeing you all in Iowa next June. Remember, what ever program you dance, dance for fun. Square Dancing is a recreation.

Fun set to music!