The International Square Dance Magazine


Do you believe in continuing education. Virtually all professions are involved in improving their knowledge and skills. Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, virtually everyone who wants to (or in many cases have to) improve, involve themselves with continuing education. I mention this because Callerlab is having a convention in Springfield, Missouri, from March 28 until April 1. Every year there are many attendees who are not members. They come because there are many clinics, classes and open discussions. I mention this humorously as well as seriously. We do not sneak ACA members in through the back door. They are welcome to attend (and many have and will), as well as spouses, partners, and those just curious enough to attend. If you just want to watch and listen that is fine, but at Callerlab all ideas are welcome. If you can, add this to your agenda this year. If not, consider going next year.

What do you do with your old copies of American Square Dance? For that matter, what do you do with any printed Square Dance material? One of the reasons that I am such a strong believer in print media is that it can be shared. However, have you considered sharing it with the public? The next time you are in a doctor’s office, dentist’s office, or any waiting room, leave a copy of your local square dance publication. How many times have you heard someone say, “Square dancing, I didn’t know anyone still did that.”? or “Where on earth do they still do that?” The more magazines left in waiting rooms (maybe with a local club’s information) the better.

June is rapidly approaching and I am assured that the snow or most of it will be gone by the time we get to the National Square Dance in Springfield, Massachusetts. We will all be able to dance, have fun, dance, sight see, dance, travel, dance and, did I mention, dance? JoAnn and I love to go to festivals and convention to dance with old and new friends. When there be sure to visit the vender area and stop by and say, “Hi”. We will see you in either or both Springfields.

Fun set to music!