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Is your club or organization dancing uninsured for the music you are using? Unwittingly, I found that many clubs do not know if their Caller is licensed (usually ASCAP/BMI) for the music they use. However, if the Caller or Cuer is not licensed the CLUB is responsible for any and all fines that could be levied for playing unlicensed music used for commercial purpose (ie. dance). The club or organization can get its own ASCAP/BMI license, but that is rare and quite costly. The easiest thing to do is just to ask the Caller or Cuer for their license. Most of the callers obtain their license annually from either Callerlab or ACA, Cuers from Rounderlab. There are other sources and other licenses, but the most important thing for your club is to try and be professional and legal.

Are your dancers having fun? One of the couples in my Friday evening club asked if they could bring their daughter and new husband to visit and possibly be introduced to Square Dancing. The problem was they were visiting from another part of the state and really had little or no interest in dancing. This club has a philosophy that if someone walks in the door, we allow them to dance. The visiting couple not only tried Square Dancing, but found themselves laughing and enjoying their time and the other dancers. The net result is they are going to try and locate a club when they get home. Fun, enjoyment, fellowship and recreation a great testimonial for Square Dancing.

You might want to look at the Callerlab article this month. The limited dance time on alternating tips has been a concern for many callers and dancers for long time. It is easier for some clubs as they do not have Rounds, but the Caller has to keep his or her break times short so both the Mainstream and Plus Dancers get a lot of floor time.

Last topic for the month. I do not care if you continue to use the 26 week program, one of the new short list programs, or any other method of teaching your new dancers. They are not going to be comfortable on a dance floor until they have danced for a while. Encourage them to attend other clubs and if possible go with them and dance with them. Organize club raids so they hear other callers and become familiar with other dancers. Encourage them to dance at the level they have been taught for a while and enjoy the experience.

We will see you all at the National Square Dance Convention. Keep Dancing and have fun.

Fun set to music!