The International Square Dance Magazine


Last month, the Article “Moore Thoughts” reprinted an article from Bill Peters. Unfortunately Paul failed to mention that the article was originally printed in Sets & Orders magazine in January 1984. Paul Moore is usually very judicious in his writings giving proper credits when due. His research, thoughtfulness and insight to Square Dancing past to present is something we can all learn from. I have to mention here that Bill Peters who penned the article passed away in December of 2004. Bill Peters contributions to our Square Dance Community are still being felt today and will be for many years.

February, what are you doing to promote Square Dancing in your area. Some clubs are combining one night parties prior to their dance. I have been told that very few of these dancers go on and attend a class. They do however return and often bring friends as it is a beginners dance and I emphasize Dance every night. No experience necessary.

I know of two clubs in Florida that just started new classes. Both of these clubs hold two classes a year. Upon completion of class, dancers are invited to join the Mainstream Dancers and the Callers work to ensure that everyone dances the entire evening.

Next Month is our Annual CALLERLAB Convention. This year it will be held from March 21 through March 23 in Norfolk, Virginia. You can get more information from the home office at 785-783-3665. You do not have to be a member to attend. You are welcome to visit, meet with the many callers in attendance and sit in on some of the numerous seminars or workshops. When I say some of, there are so many and of such varied interest that it is impossible to attend them all. Many of the callers will attend one while their partner attends another and most of us buy the recordings at the end of the meetings so we can review, refresh and hear those we were unable to attend.

Also, do not forget our National Square Dance Convention to be held in Des Moines, Iowa, next June. You have heard the term, “Shop til you drop”, well here you can dance till you drop. Pace yourselves, stop and visit the venders, take a tour, most of all dance!

Fun set to music!