The International Square Dance Magazine


In this month’s CALLERLAB article, there was a discussion on demonstrations. I am going to add my 2˘ worth. When you are planning on a demonstration for square dancing to show off to the general public, do not have everyone wear “traditional” square dance attire. Depending on the number of participants, I only have one or two ladies wear the petticoat and skirt attire, one or more wear prairie skirts and a combination of jeans and slacks. For the men, western shirts, sorry guys, all with long sleeves. For called figures, I never use any complex Plus or even some of the more complex Mainstream figures. I shouldn’t have to mention this, but I will. All of the dancers should wear a smile and laugh often. Another thing is audience participation. Try and get a few of the spectators on the dance floor with you. Do-Sa-Do, Left Allemande, Right and Left Grand and any other call you can teach in the first tip. Encourage laughter and fun.

I know that many of us, myself included, discuss the mental and physical benefits of Square Dancing. But, how many of us joined this activity based on physical fitness? Most if not all of us joined because it is fun. Like it or not we are competing with every recreational activity, both active and inactive, known to the 21st century. Let’s make sure we compete on the basis of a recreational activity. Allow the dancers to have fun, relax and enjoy themselves. One other side note, if you ever have a spectator at you club that wants to watch, encourage them to watch from a Circle, Left Allemande, or whatever. Get them involved.

I had a lot of fun at the National Square Dance Convention, there is another scheduled for next year in Cincinnati, Ohio. See you there. 

Fun set to music!