The International Square Dance Magazine


Are your classes attracting new dancers? Have you experienced difficulty in attracting new dancers? If the answer is yes to these questions, welcome to the 21at century. People no longer seem to want to commit to weekly lessons to achieve Square Dance proficiency as most of see it today. What are we to do?  I know of several clubs, some in Florida, who have decided that if someone walks in the door, they can dance. If contra can do this, why canít we? I believe that this is easily possible. How? Start the dance early, announce the time. Make sure that your dancers are aware of your focus. Then they can invite their friends. No longer necessary for extended classes, just come and have fun. After the first (or first and second) tip, expand on the dancers who have been there before, but, only if they want to learn more. Let everyone have fun, do not be afraid to add things like Rip and Snort, perhaps even Grand Weave. Something that is easy and fun. If the group is younger, donít forget the Virginia Reel. Then they can laugh, clap and have fun. Instead of scheduled classes it is surprising how much you can teach newer dancers in just one half an hour in one evening. In two half hour tips (four fifteen minutesí tips). Encourage laughing, encourage fun and let them know that no matter what they do, they can laugh.  You may find that many of these new dancers stay and want to learn more. Go ahead, take time to teach the newer dancers new figures. It may take a lot longer to get the dancers up to the full Mainstream Program, but you will be pleasantly surprised as to how many stick around to learn the whole program. Do not forget to invite these members to join the club and participate in all club activities.

I know it seems early, but have you considered attending next yearís National Square Dance Convention? Many of us are already registered and we look forward to the fun and excitement of a Convention of this magnitude Ė lots of dancers, Callers, Cuers and of course a lot of fun.

Those who know me, know that I spend a lot of time preaching that Square Dancing is a recreation. We all dance to have fun. Most all of us started this activity because it was a fun recreation. Let us try to ensure that we act, like, and encourage other to join our activity as an enjoyable recreation.. 

Fun set to music!