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I asked a fellow caller to substitute for one of my clubs while on vacation. While this is not unusual for many of us I had to spend a lot of time going over choreography with this caller. Not because he is not a skilled caller. He is, but he had never called for a group that has been dancing for over five years and still only dances very simple basics. This particular club frequently gets in new dancers, loses dancers, and has some dancers that dance only four or five times a year. I happen to enjoy calling for this group. Yes, I call many different programs in Square Dancing and enjoy all of them. I like to teach new dancers a variety of programs for dancers who want to learn more figures and be challenged. I know from other callers, there are many callers who are not averse to just using an ABC type program or calling simple dances for people who are content, not only content but happy to stay in Square Dancing at this level. We need callers who are willing to do this as well as callers who want to call just advanced and challenge.

OK I am off my soap box for now. How many of you are headed for the National Square Dance Convention in Springfield. For me and many others this is a back to back Convention. Our Florida State Square Dance Convention is at the end of May followed by a fast turn around for a long drive to the northeast for more work, fun and games. Both conventions are fun for both JoAnn and me, as we get to dance to many callers I know and have called and danced with over the years. Just as important, if not more so, we get to visit friends that we get to see only once a year. And we get to meet and make new friends. Join with me and the over 100 Florida Square Dancers in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Fun set to music!