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I have read with interest both the Callerlab and ACA viewpoints this month and both have merits.

Recruiting and training entertainers to be square dancers and square dance callers is not a new idea. The difficulty is the same as with a lot of new dancers – time, time and more time. There is an upside. If you talk to most local musicians, singers, young entertainers etc. you will find that their bookings are actually few and far between. When visiting a local music store I have had conversations with more than one entertainer who was astounded that a Square Dance Caller could actually work twice a week. Admittedly not a lot of Callers work every week, and it is difficult to start a new club. It is more difficult for an entertainer to start his or her own club and it is also more difficult for them to find steady bookings to make a living. So what if a new Caller only makes $50 a booking. At once a week that is just under $2500. There are a lot of entertainers washing dishes that would love that to supplement their income. Lets start looking for that teenager starting in the music industry and steer them toward a new path to success.

The ACA article is something many of us have talked about in the past. Lets brag about ourselves a little. Square Dancers, Square Dance Clubs and Square Dance Associations have been donating to charities, helping out after disasters, supporting local and national associations needing assistance. I know one club that has donated thousands to the Shriner’s Hospital. Yet except for Square Dancers we do not hear about these things. When we make a donation, have someone take a picture and put it in the newspaper. If possible invite a local radio or Television Station to film the event. The question I often ask is why does it seem that we hide our activity. I visit Square Dance Clubs and never see a sign out front that says Square Dancing. A simple yard sign might be nice. The next time one of your dancers, club member club or organization donates time, talent or money, BRAG a little!

Do you realize just how fast June is approaching? Cincinnati is beckoning you for the National Square Dance Convention. Tours, dancing, shows, dancing, friends, dancing, vendors, dancing...Did I mention dancing? From the Trail End dances, to the late night dancing, fun will be had by all. We will see you there. 

Fun set to music!