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Des Moines is located in approximately the center of the country. The circle is a 700 mile radius from Des Moines and is an easy drive from 22 states.

As Iowa’s capital city, Des Moines is a hub of government action, business activity and cultural affairs. With a Metro population of 456,000, Des Moines is a bustling metropolis. Although we have big city bustle, we’re extremely proud of our small town atmosphere.

Yes this is copied directly off of the website for the National Square Dance Convention. I did not want to miss anything. Not only that, the Trail End Dance starts at the events center at 8:00pm. So we can all get an early start. If this is your first convention remember to rest and pace yourself. It will be difficult as you will want to dance from early morning til late night with few breaks because you are having so much fun. As a seasoned attendee, you will find many old and of course make new friends. Another reason JoAnn and I are looking forward to this convention is because of its location. We plan on a little sightseeing either before or after the convention. Also before the convention, there will be a Caller School and they could always use some dancers. Poke your head in and spend a little time dancing with Callers from zero years experience to some with over twenty years of Calling. As someone once said, everyone can learn something new and things are constantly changing. While at the convention be sure and visit the vendors. New clothing, jewelry and much more. I hope to see many if not all of you at the National Square Dance Convention in Des Moines this June. 

Fun set to music!