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Jon Jones

Sustainable Square Dancing

What is Sustainable Square Dancing? Many have been asking this question. It is the name of a committee within CALLERLAB studying the aspects of a shorter entry program for new dancers. The Chairman of the Committee is Jerry Story and the Vice Chairman is Noah Siegmann. There are callers from all over the United States and Canada that have joined the Committee to help in this endeavor. There is a lot of discussion being presented both pro and con, but more pro than con. Many callers are very concerned with the decline in the number of dancers over the past 25 years, and this just may be a way to turn this around. It is certainly worth a try.

There are 17 active callers in our area at the present time, and 8 of them are now teaching this program called “Club 50”. These 8 callers represent 10 of the 22 Mainstream clubs in our area. The callers are Mike Bramlett, Charles Crockett, Toby Thomason, Paul Kinsey, Vernon Jones, Ronnie Himes, Deborah Carroll-Jones, and Jon Jones. The clubs represented are Rebel Rousers, Cliff Dwellers, Fort Worth Squares, Triangle Squares, Tri City Promenaders, Diamond Jubileers, Dixie Chainers, T Square Gadabouts, Log Cabin Swingers, and Texas Reelers. Almost 50% of the callers and clubs are involved. This is a large percentage.

Only time will tell if this program will help increase the number of dancers, but it seems well worth a “Texas try”. Callers all over the State are talking about it, and the amount of communications I am receiving through email is tremendous from coast to coast.

How these new dancers will fit into the existing picture is still under review. Could it be that existing dancers and callers will have to adjust their thinking about adapting to the new dancer? WOW! There’s a thought; cater to the new dancer and they will feel welcome.

It’s “All About the Base”

Jon Jones has been a member of CALLERLAB since 1974, became the third Chairman of the Board from 1979 to 1981, and was honored with the highest award from CALLERLAB, “The Milestone Award”, in 1985.

Jon has called dances, festivals, conducted workshops, week-long institutes, callers clinics and colleges in many of the States, Canada, and several overseas countries as well. He is a CALLERLAB Accredited Caller-Coach and believes that square dancing is the best hobby and recreation in which anyone can indulge: “Square dancing is an expression of joy!”

Jon lives in Arlington, Texas, with his wife Deborah Carroll-Jones, who is also a caller and an Accredited Caller-Coach. Jon is the current President of the North Texas Callers Association.

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